Our second pre-Christmas Disney Trip - Day 4 and conclusion!

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    Dec 19, 2008
    Up, breakfast, off to Studios, me hoping and praying Crush would be back online - IT WAS!!!!!!!! And the queue was already 40mins! Still, we didn't mind and duly queued and completely loved it as usual - it really is so clever, I love how you hover OVER the narrow track, it is a good adrenaline jolt!

    It was wet and cold and miserable BTW - there was standing water everywhere and within 10mins my leather Ugg Locarnos were sodden, which isn't supposed to happen :(

    Over to RnRCoaster - walk on, then DISASTER! I put down Freds safety harness, and as I sat and started to pull mine down he began to wail - I had caught his hand in the outside part and he couldn't pull it free and it was getting crushed - mine wasn't pulled all the way down, but it was part down - I stuck my hand in the air, waving frantically, thinking someone would come straight over - wrong, they took a minute or two and Fred, by now, was petrified that the ride would start and he would be in trouble :confused3 Eventually someone came and as they released his harness mine came up too and boffed me in the nose!!! Off we went, I think the pic shows how much Fred had been freaked out...


    Next, due to my fabulous bribery skills, we took both boys on TOT - slight wetting of pants in the library from Fred, but he LOVED the elevator bit - Benj has admitted he absolutely hates it as it terrorises him, bless, I am a bad Mummy!

    Few more re-rides and we headed for the park, slopping through the puddles...which you cannot actually see in this pic


    Usual suspects, Star Tours (another million times!) Buzz, BTMRR, etc, etc, etc and then as we came out of ST, we happened upon characters - including Pluto and Benj got a HUGE cuddle


    Goofy was there too and he grabbed me and ran off with me, which was hysterical and so much fun - they weren't out for long (prob because of the rain) but did their best to interact with everyone.

    Lunch at Pizza Planet - PRAISE THE LORD A SALAD!!! The boys had pizza burgers which were really nice.

    More dashing around (30min wait times for most things) trip on the train (bit wasted as visibility wasn't great).

    By now we were wet through and quite miserable so we went to the Village and did some retail and had a drink at the Sports Bar and went off to the hotel. The rain really killed it for us on our last day - which was us, not Disney!

    So in conclusion, we had a great time - I didn't notice anything looking tired or in need of a refurb. The characters all interacted fabulously as usual and the greet staff for each ride were friendly and welcoming.

    I have learnt from these boards that we don't go round with our eyes open and there is a LOT more for us to see - hidden Mickeys, secrets, etc and I cannot wait to go again and unlock all this.

    I love Disney, we shall be back there before too long!
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    Aug 14, 2007
    Thankyou for sharing.

    Your photos are lovely.
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    Jun 22, 2006
    Lovely - great photos and great report!
  4. karenmoloney

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    Jan 27, 2006
    Great report & lovely photos. Glad you all had a great time despite the soggy weather.

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