Our second pre-Christmas Disney Trip - Day 1

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    Dec 19, 2008
    Well, I wasn't going to write a report, being a newbie, but there are so many negative experiences being reported that I wanted to do a positive one!

    The protagonists of the trip were Me (34), Daddy (38), Benjy (8) and Freds (7). We didn't tell the boys until we were leaving Oxford and they both cried their hearts out, which makes me feel like SUCH a good Mummy :banana:

    We took the Eurostar this time, having flown last year. Trained to London, tube hop to St Pancreas - easy peasy - only bad news was no fast food (we had promised the boys as a treat) so had a mediocre sandwich and we were off.


    We had to swop trains at Lille, easy peasy again...great excitement, A DOUBLE DECKER TRAIN and it was great getting off AT THE PARK!!! We shall certainly never bother to fly again!


    Quick transfer to Explorers (Daddy lost his job just before we left, so we didn't live the dream of the Disney Hotel, but we will next time) - nice hotel, great pool (the boys had begged to stay there during their year of HOPING we would return, as they loved the pics of the pool and slides). Room was OK, we just about fitted in - we gave the boys the double and slammed the 2 singles together for us, for more room.

    First night we went to Planet Hollywood and will never be returning - the service was absolutely dreadful, 35 mins for a drink order and it was a v quiet Sunday night!

    Had a wonder around the Village, getting v excited about the days in front of us.

    Back to the hotel for a nightcap - was rather stunned by the amount of children that are allowed to run amok, but each to their own!

    Slept very well, comfy beds - only thing is I would like a wall thermo instead of a radiator as it was a teeny bit cold.
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    aww thanks for sharing!:thumbsup2

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