Our Rock-n-Rollin’ Disney Vacation - Day 1, Check-in AS Sports, Boardwalk, ESPN Club

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    May 21, 2000
    Our Rock-n-Rollin’ Disney Vacation

    Cast of Characters:

    Lisa , me – 31
    Lynn, partner – 37
    Emily – 3
    Leah – 20

    Day 1, January 13, 2000 (Saturday)

    Check-in at All Star Sports was simple and only took about 10 mins from the entire wait to the end. I had gotten all of my requests and we were in room 6102 – Surf’s Up, 1st floor, non-smoking, overlooking the pool area. We excitedly headed to the room and were happy to find that it was fine in size and amenities, and also very clean!

    Lynn had called ahead (totally without my knowledge and much to my surprise) and alerted the staff that we were celebrating no more chemo. Mickey and Minnie had dropped off a beautiful leather photo-album and a card with their pictures and autographs and congratulations. This was a great surprise, I cried.

    We unpacked and got everything organized and decided to head right out for the Boardwalk. We decided to drive over and valet parked the car. We loved the atmosphere here. We walked all over the boardwalk area, Emily had her face painted, and we talked about renting a surry, but we were too hungry. We got in line at ESPN Club. This was Lynn’s pick, she had wanted to try it. Nothing special, but a fine choice. We had about a 5 min wait, they do not take PS arrangements, walk up only. I did feel like the tables were VERY small. The food is basic sports bar fare, reasonable priced, and fine.

    After dinner we decided to ride the boat over to Epcot. This was just a little excursion as we waited for our food to digest so we could go to the bakery. The Boardwalk Bakery is wonderful! I had a slice, no, actually a HUGE slice of carrot cake for only $3.95. I couldn’t eat it all and it took me two days to finish it. Lynn said the PB cookies were also great. This was a nice treat. We walked around the Boardwalk a little more and then headed back.

    Leah and Emily went swimming once back at AS Sports. The water was very warm and the temp outside that night was low 60’s. Lynn and I bought all of us refillable mugs and got things ready for our big day tomorrow.... breakfast with Cinderella and all day at the Magic Kingdom.

    Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah...Tip for Today: Have dessert at Boardwalk Bakery!!

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    Sounds like your Disney vacation is already sprinkled with magic. That was very sweet of Lynn to help you celebrate by calling ahead. :)

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    Mar 25, 2000
    Your trip is starting off on a good note. Thanks for posting!

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