Our Magical June 9th Cruise - St. Thomas

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    Aug 2, 2000
    We had decided that we would take a cab over to Magen's bay after reading so much about it from these boards. So, after another Lumiere's breakfast we took some pictures of the harbor from deck 10 and then took a cab to Magen's. We are docked behind the Grand Princess and the only two ships here today. Does anyone else think that the Grand Princess looks like a floating rectangle?

    We shared the cab with eight other people. Four of them got out at the shopping district ($3.50) and the rest of us went on to Magen's. ($6.00 per person + $3.00 entrance fee at Magen's). The trip there is very hilly with great views of the harbor. The two ships looked more like toys from that distance.

    Magen's Bay is beautiful. Supposedly it is one of the world's ten most beautiful beaches. We stayed ther for about three hours. We brought sandwiches and cookies from room service and pop that we had brought before boarding in Fla. The cab driver said that he would be back at 1:30 to pick us up, but he never showed so we took another cab back to the ship. The ride back was even wilder. The hills reminded me of San Francisco. We went down one steep hill and the street (alley) was so narrow that we missed parked cars on one side and houses on the other by inches.

    Back at the Magic we showered, changed and walked over to the Havensight mall (next to the Grand Princess) to shop.

    Dinner was at Lumiere's that night. DW, DS17 and I enjoyed the beef tenderloin and Jelidi brought us one of each desert to share. Capt. Hans stopped by our table and asked us if we were enjoying our cruise. I asked him about the weather forecast for Fri. (C.C.) he said that it looked good but he wasn't promising anything. DW asked what happened to the bow camera and the Capt. said that they needed the antenna for something else but he was going to ask DCL for a replacement since several guests had missed that channel on T.V.

    After dinner we went to Disney Dreams. The theatre didn't fill up until show time, probably because of the matinee at 3:00. This is still our favorite show and it seems to improve each time that we see it.

    We stopped at the stores one more time, walked around decks 4 & 10 and went to our cabin where Kaa greeted us in the form of a towel animal.

    One more day at sea tomorrow. Where is the time going?

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