Our "magical" 9/19 cruise & WDW vacation #2

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    Aug 3, 2000
    Well, here I am again, with the continuation of our journey!! :)

    On Sunday morning, after checking in at OKW, we headed over to DTD to get a new hipsack and have a quick bite to eat at MCD's.
    We were in and out and headed over to AK about 10am or so.

    The crowds were not bad at all, and we took time to really see things slowly. We are DVC members (as I am sure you guessed) so we are at WDW frequently. Instead of running through and trying to fit it all in, we took our time and found we loved it even more.
    AK things we did and saw: Dinosaur (too scary for me), Flights of Wonder (GREAT show, especially the bald eagle); Tarzan (DH favorite), Maharajah Jungle Trek (beautiful animals and the bats are very cool), Kiliminjaro Safaris (gets better all the time).

    We also took more time walking through the shops and trails. Our advice: take your time here and appreciate all the living things around you. The birds and vegetation often get ignored and they are beautiful.

    After AK, we headed back to OKW for a swim and some lunch. We had Chicken Salad sandwiches at the pool (yummy) and found the down time very relaxing. After that, we napped :) and got rested for our night at EPCOT.

    We went to EPCOT and ate a quick bite at Nine Dragons. Now, ND gets a bad rap on the boards and DH and I love it. He swears it is some of the best Chinese food he has had and we love the soups.

    After, we met our group from the DIS for our Illuminations Cruise (hi guys)!!

    The Illuminations Cruise was MAGNIFICENT (except for the flying ash). The driver gave us a tour of the waterways and told us some great information about WDW and the EPCOT resort area. After Illuminations, which was especially moving at this time, we headed to Publix for a few essentials to have in our room. We went back to our room, ate, and slept like babies! :) Whew, another long day! :)

    The next morning we awoke early, to Mickey's voice of course, and headed over to MK!! We had early PS at Tony's and loved it. I had the L&T waffle and DH had the omelette. Breakfast was great and very affordable. Highly recommended!! :)

    We managed to ride everything we wanted with no wait, even rode Buzz 4 times in a row! :) We again took it slow and enjoyed things.

    We went back to our room for lunch and a nap and then headed to MGM. We rode RRC and TOT, and I got to be in the Backlot Tour beginning show. It was a blast and I was soaked! After we headed over to watch Fantasmic! We cannot say enough good things about this show! It is a MUST SEE!!!

    After the show, we went to DTD and had dinner at Planet Hollywood. Contrary to the bad things we have read here, it was awesome. The food was great, the service great, and the cost was proportional to what we ordered. I had the chicken caeser salad and dh had a burger. Great for both of us! :) and we got a discount for being AP holders! :)

    We walked around DTD and then headed to DQ. Loved it!! We played video games all night and hated to leave, but they closed at midnight! :)

    The next morning we had to get to the airport to pick up my mom, so it was off to bed.

    Whew, stick around for report number 3 as Mom shows up and we get ready for our DCL experience!!


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    Wow, we just saw that backlot show and you must have been wet. I always wondered do they give you a tape of what you look like in the mini movie?

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