Our First Trip Report Day 7 & 8

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    May 1, 2002
    Day 7 Thursday 4th July Happy Birthday America
    Breakfast - The Land (Epcot)
    Lunch - France ( Epcot)
    Dinner - O'Hanas (Polynesian Resort)
    Happy Moment - Figments back
    Magical moment Fife & Drum + Liberty singers
    Wildlife spotting - Alligator in the Lake
    Pig of the day - Dave had 10 Tiger Prawns - Joe Overstuffed on steak Chap who put his seat right in Front of us
    Today is a busy day, we awoke at 7.30, those flowers in the room still smell lovely, caught a nearly empty bus to Epcot (will it be quiet!). We arrived just as the opening ceremony was taking place there weren't many people, we were surprised to see the character bus out, a great photo opportunity. We took photographs with Mickey & Minnie, Chip & Dale, Donald Duck, Goofy and Pluto what great fun to be mingling with the SuperStars. Dave and Joe went straight on to Test Track with very little wait, we then walked back to Spaceship Earth I love the music in the renaissance period and the glittering World Wide Web as the ride makes it's return to Earth. Next to the Imagination ride, Figments back, this is so much better than the replacement to the original ride. I'm so glad Disney listened to everyone's comments and revamped it, still not as good as the original or am I being too nostalgic, things should change with time. We started to feel hungry so we made our way to the Land, they have choices to suit everyone's taste in the Food Court, sausage, eggs and biscuits all round. Dave and Joe decided to spend an hour in innovations so I went shopping in Mouse Gear, sent a couple of packages to our new room in the Poly for collection tomorrow, Disney do accommodate every eventuality. We made arrangement to meet outside the American showcase at 11.30, I was late and the lads were tapping their feet, they can be so Impatient. We watched this is America in the America Gardens Theatre, I believe this was a special for the 4th of July. The Fife and Drums were excellent, they did poses from great American Battle Moments, although I have seen the images before I can't quite place them. Next on the stage were the Liberty singers who were most excellent they were accompanied by a (I think) some members of the Shockwave ensemble, the whole show was brilliant. We moved into the American Adventure Rotunda to be entertained by a group of Local Native American Dancers fantastic to see their authentic dancing and singing. We noticed the flag from Ground Zero on the back wall in the rotunda, a very sombre moment remembering the losses and heartache that every one suffered from that outrageous event. On to France, we ate Crepes with Orange Marmalade for lunch, sauntered to Great Britain and walked around the shops then decided to make our way back to the entrance, considering that Joe said four hours was too long to stay in any park, we managed to get through five hours without a grumble.
    Whilst I caught the Monorail to the Grand Floridian Resort, the lads had decided to spend 2 hours in Disney Quest. They both had a terrible time getting transport to Downtown Disney, they ended up getting the Monorail to the TTC, then to the Polynesian Resort. Then a bus to Downtown Disney which decided it would go via the Grand Floridian Resort, around the back of the Magic Kingdom then to the Contemporary Resort they at last arrived at Disney Quest but didn't spend too much time there because they had to get back to the room to get changed for Dinner. On the walk back to the room Dave spotted a small Alligator in the Resort lake, is this dangerous, I suppose not maybe it is Disney's way of keeping the duck population down. I went to see my Hair Dresser to decide what style I would be having for our wedding. Next a quick visit to the Magic Kingdom to buy Cufflinks for Dave and Joe's shirts, we had been hoping to find Cufflinks with Mickey on them however they are not available at WDW so Dave decided that they would have Initial cufflinks a `D`on their Left Cuff and a `J`on their right cuff, for the wedding of Jane and Dave, how sweet. Back to our resort a quick change followed by a 20 minute soak in the hot tub.
    We got changed and made our way to the Polynesian resort for the fireworks, a fruity cocktail at the bar then we made our way to the beach. Initially we found a great spot at Sunset Point, the Area was quite crowded and we were most surprised when someone decided to sit straight in front of us (on a sunchair). We made a few polite noises, he was ruining our view over the lake. I know fireworks are up in the air but Hey Mr, you sat straight in front of us, we don't complain too often so we moved further up the beach nearer the Ferry Landing. I'm glad we did, we met a great local couple who were watching the fireworks with their disabled son, they were ever so charming and offered us a Poncho to sit on. I wonder do the locals come here every year for the 4th July fireworks, great if they do because the Fireworks were Fantastic. A whole new show sent up from the Island at the centre of Bay Lake. the fireworks seemed to rise from all over the lake filling the entire sky with colour and sparkle, thank you Disney. Onto O’Hanas for our priority seating I had requested a window seat and we were given a seat with a great view of Bay Lake and the Grand Floridian. The meal is an all you can eat meat feast, both Dave and Joe were eating vast amounts, Joe teased our waiter that he could eat a whole plateful of steak, the next thing you know his plate was full of steak. He ate the lot but was so full he literally couldn't eat anything else. Dave and I finished off with Pineapple and Toffee, what a great end to another fantastic Disney day.

    Day 8 Friday 5th July
    Breakfast - Pepper Market (Coronado Springs)
    Lunch - Concierge (Polynesian)
    Dinner Portobelo Yacht Club (Downtown)
    Wow moment - Roses Chocolate & Champagne
    Yum moment - Dinner
    Brill moment - Joe 8ft Swimming pool
    Nearly there, the day before our wedding. We awoke very early at 6.00am, Joe was still out (He's not going to get an easy day today), we did the washing and went for an early swim, whilst Joe had a nap I went for breakfast with Dave at the Pepper Market, Dave had oatmeal and toast (He never eats oatmeal at home) I had strawberries with a Muffin and lots of coffee between us both. We sat outside the Lobby watching the wildlife on the lake, we both saw the alligator this time, it seems to spend its time trying to sneak up on unwary ducks, but it has no chance they are much too fast (thank heaven). We walked back to our room the long way round and packed for our transfer to the Polynesian, we even had time for one last laze in the hammocks catching the early morning sun. We arrived at about 11.30, Dave decided to valet park and we were taken round to the concierge lounge. We were told our room would be ready in 30 minutes so we wandered around the resort headed back for our room to be allocated, only to be told that the cleaners hadn't yet started our room. We came back three times after being told our room would be x minutes, here is a tip for the concierge CMs, if the room won't be ready for 4 hours tell your guests, they will make alternative arrangements instead of hanging around killing time. In between times we popped into the Concierge Lounge and partook in cookies and a soft drink, the staff in the lounge area were ever so helpful during our stay and always had a smile.
    Dave and Joe hired a Water Sprite each and spent half an hour checking out Discovery Island, looking at River Country (which is closed down) and zipping around the Resorts, they both said it was lots of fun. At last we got into our room Wow, a dozen red roses, sent by Dave were waiting in the room, they were fantastic. We went for a swim as we got back to our room.
    Andy and David arrived, very travel worn from their drive from Key West. Another knock on the door, the concierge had sent chocolates and champagne for us, to celebrate on the eve of our wedding, what a lovely thought and so Disney. our room had been turned down, they left chocolates by our pillow and arranged our Wedding Mickey and Minnie, here's the rub, the CM knocked again to ask if we required the turndown service, Joe answered and asked if he could have extra chocolates of course he got them, he is ever so cheeky when he wants to be. We all caught up with our vacation stories to date. Andy was a trifle tired but we wouldn't let him rest, we needed to get changed and away for our evening reservation. A bus tour later we arrived at Downtown Disney we did a little shopping Andy bought a watch for Alex, who is sadly at work in the UK, then off to the Portobelo Yacht Club for dinner. A couple of beers at the bar and we were called to our table, the food in here is excellent, they always look after you and Dave raves over the Melt in your mouth steak so Dave & Joe had steak, Andy had Lamb which he said was succulent, David had Salmon and I had Pork, we washed this down with an excellent bottle of Chianti (our favourite wine) and finished sharing two Creme Brulee topped off with fresh raspberries Yummy. We had planned to go onto Pleasure Island from here, but everyone was whacked out so we made our way back to the room and crashed out immediately. We were all surprised tonight, we all expected Dave to snore (he usually does when he's had a drink). But we were not let down Andy decided to sing in his sleep LOL.
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    thanks for the update to your wedding day....did Joe go for a swim.......
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    I am eagerly anticipating your wedding day!

    I'm so glad you enjoyed Independence Day and other American traditions on your trip!

    :earsgirl: Krissy
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    Looking forward to tomorrow :D

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    Thanks for another great report!

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