Our First Trip Report Day 1 & 2

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    May 1, 2002
    Day 1 - Friday 28th June.
    Breakfast - Starbucks (Manchester Airport)
    Lunch - Aeroplane
    Dinner - Pepper Market (Coronado Springs)
    We got up at 5.45am, Joe rang wanted to wear a shirt I had packed, lucky it was at the top of the case, so I was able to get it out easily. Running on time, perfectly packed the car, off we go. Half a Mile down the road I asked Dave if he had picked up the shirt I had taken out of the case, of course he hadn't back home we headed.
    After a 90 minute journey we arrived at Joe's house in Manchester. He lives near to the airport, so parking at his house saves us having to pay for Airport parking. We hired a taxi to the airport, 'Which terminal' said the driver 'Two' Dave replied with confidence. After a half hour walk from terminal two to terminal one we booked in our cases and went for breakfast at Starbucks, I somehow managed to tip coffee over myself and Joe, not a good start so far.
    We flew with My Travel a charter flight company, on an Airbus 330, the flight was a bit cramped but at least we all sat together. After what seemed forever, actually nine hours, we landed at Sanford Airport. We got through immigration quite quickly, Dave went to dollar to pick up the car which he upgraded (Knew he would).
    We arrived at Coronado Springs at 6.00pm (11.00pm at home). Dave had booked a garden view room and faxed ahead asking for a location by the Main pool, also mentioning that we were getting married whilst on vacation. The hoped for upgrade never happened, however we had a good location right next to the pool entrance and were extremely happy to be on vacation at the most magical place on earth. I had just finished unpacking when an Intimate wedding bag arrived with a beautiful vase of flowers. The bag had a Walt Disney World Photo frame and a Mickey memories book, which came in perfect for writing my vacation journal in. The flowers had been arranged by Dave through the Walt Disney Flower company, this was really going to turn into a 'wow' vacation. Walked down to the Pepper Market for some dinner, we wandered back to the room and Joe went for his first swim.

    Day 2 - Saturday 29th June.
    Breakfast - Maya Grill - (Coronado Springs)
    Lunch - Fountain view Café (Epcot)
    Dinner - Le Cellier (Canada)
    Most amusing - Joe Walking (he goes everywhere by car)
    Most wowing - Epcot Illuminations (Every time)
    We got up at 4.15am, Joe got up with us (I was most amazed) and we went for a Jacuzzi and swim. This is a most excellent time of the day to be out. it is so peaceful. The bubbles weren't working in the Spa (disappointment) however is was still hot, we enjoyed a 20 minute soak. We went for an, all you can eat, breakfast at the Maya Grill, the choice of food was excellent. Joe made a pig of himself on Bacon and pancakes.
    We caught the bus (Bus stop No4) and made our way to MGM Studios. Dave and Joe went on the Tower of Terror whilst I got them a Fast Pass for the Rock n Roller coaster, although I have done both these rides on one occasion before there is no way you would get me back on. Whilst they were on the coaster I did a bit of window shopping then we all moved onto the Great Movie Ride. Dave and I love this ride, great scenes taken from memorable movies, we always seem to see a new movie in the celebration at the end of the ride. We tried millionaire but it had a long wait time, so off we went for a Haircut in the sound studio. We cheated here and made our way in through the exit, entered a booth and relaxed whilst CJ went through the first day at his new job. This small section is one of the most overlooked and missed in WDW. We left MGM after perusing the shops.
    Knowing Joe and his attitude to walking, Dave decided to con him into going to Epcot along the walkway, after much moaning we arrived on the Boardwalk. Dave went into ESPN for a beer, he was lucky and caught the end of the Quarter Final at Wimbledon (Tim Henman won) whilst Joe spent a couple of dollars in the Arcade. I sat on the boardwalk enjoying the sun and the scenery. We went through to Epcot, Joe decided to go straight back to the room, Dave and I went to the Fountain view café. I had cheesecake and orange juice, and Dave had Brulee and coffee.
    Back to our room, we all went for some sun and a swim. Joe had decided that he had to buy some clothes, we headed off in the car to a Mall which was about 10 minuets away from Downtown Disney. Just as we finished shopping the heavens opened up, after a half hour wait it stopped enough to make our way back to the car and back to our resort.
    We decided to go to Epcot for Dinner and to watch the Illuminations. We were all feeling hungry so decided to go to the Le Cellier in Canada, we have eaten here before and have always found the service and food to be excellent. It was a half hour wait before we were seated, at least we got in, next time I'll ensure that I make a PS reservation. Dave and I had Cheese soup to start, Dave loves this, followed by Rack of Lamb (Dave), Salmon (Me) and Steak (Joe). Our server was ever so charming remarking about her trip to England, having caught on to our accents. Joe decided it would be the last time he would order a medium steak, medium well from now on, but give him his dues he did finish his meal. It was only 15 minutes before Illuminations when we left the steakhouse we decided to watch our first show of our vacation from in between Canada and the Future World walkway. The view of the Globe was excellent however not the best for the fireworks because of the trees, not to worry we would be back on many occasions. The show was amazing as it always is, we walked with the crowds to the bus and back to our room. Joe went for a swim, the first of many midnight swims for him, being young and single we know he had more on his mind than just swimming.
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    Dec 28, 1999
    much coming to the US.....thanks so much for your report
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    Aug 18, 2001
    Ok, I'm lost. First where's Sanford airport?

    Who are the players (i need a score card LOL)

    There's Dave & Joe but who's getting married?!?!?

    Good start to the trip (at least States side);)

    Thanks for the post!
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    Feb 3, 2001
    Fantastic start! Off to read more!

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

    :earsgirl: Krissy
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    Oct 9, 1999
    I love the idea of a jacuzzi and swim so ear;y :D


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