Our experiences with CRO ---FYI!! (long)


Feb 23, 2001
We have an AWESOME vacation planned. And have gotten a great deal on the WL for July, but as always we are on the look out to save a few more bucks!!! ;)

Well last night we saw on the DC site a promo for a Delux Resort package offering all this great stuff including $100 disney dollars! WOW!!! We wanted to check this out.

When we first called we got a very nice CM but she couldn't find the promo we were talking about. She kept searching and giving us other options, but nothing was beating the $174 a night price we had at WL. Suddenly we had a power surge in our area and we lost our connection (happens all the time!!) :mad:

We called back and of course got a Different CM. He was able to find the promo right away. GO FIGURE!! we gave him the same info as we did the first person. Any ways after some dilligent work on Xaviers part and my Dh's computer brain, we discovered this great "deal" through DC was not so great after all. It came out that the room would be about $260 a night!! Even including all the extra's (Disney dollars trinkets etc) we still come out about $700 ahead by going A La carte in regards to the room and buying 6+ hoppers using our DC discount.

So I guess my suggestions for others would be:
1. If at first you don;t succeed, try and try again.
2. Pretty packages aren't always a great deal.
3. Keep calling back, you never know when a better deal may pop up.
4. Don't call close to closing time (10pm) The CM want to go home and seem to be less helpful.
5. Always ask if there are any deals some where else. we got the deal at the WL because the moderates we were looking at weren't "thrilling" us with the prices. We were able to get a better hoteland location for only a small difference in price.
6. Keep calling back!!!! You never know what might crop up!!!
Research research research!!!!

My thoughts in why sometimes a CM can "find that deal" or not...I think the computer system only lets a certain number of "views" occur at one time. This would prevent over booking, or selling of more then they have allocated. Don't know if it is true, but sounds reasonable to me.

Just passing on some tips that we have discovered to help out any other Disney Maniac!!! :)
thanks for the tips, I love hearing about the discounts everyone is getting. I agree about the package deals


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