Our anniversary dinner at Grand Floridian Cafe

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reviews' started by Belle5, May 28, 2010.

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    Nov 10, 1999
    We celebrated my mom's 70th birthday at GFC a year and a half ago and I knew I would be happy with our custom cake if we dined there. My parents were using the dining plan so I wanted to celebrate somewhere where we would they would use only one of their credits. I want to say my mom's birthday was perfect. That was not the case with our anniversary dinner.

    There were some transportation issues with monorails while we were at WDW. We were 17 minutes late for our dinner. This is not a dining hot-spot (a compliment about GFC would be to say that it is a "hidden gem"--not saying that is accurate) So, I am really excited to show up for our special celebration, looking forward to our custom cake which I spent a lot of time ordering. We were greeted in such a horrid manner by this woman who decided it was her job to take us to task about our lateness. I almost switched our ADR's to Citricos right then and had our cake sent up there. Fortunately, our treatment improved. This was really an ugly Disney moment and suffice to say at the end of the evening my DH sought out the restaurant manager and told her our story. He let her know that in our family's 25 visits to the world, we have never been treated like that. She wanted to know what she could do for us, but my DH informed her that was not our purpose in telling her the story. He wanted her assurances that this CM would be dealt with in an appropriate manner. There was also another hostess who led us to our seats who did not want to move our tables together because they were so heavy. I had my sons do it. If we are there for a big celebration and cake--we would like the family together! I told her that it was not a problem when we had a dozen people there for my mom's birthday...

    Bread--ok. There is a sweet raisin bread of some type that was not really our thing. There was another roll that was hard and not worth the calories. The salted butter was nice.

    Salad--the strawberry-cashew salad is arguably the best side salad at WDW, IMO. Gorgeous and delicious!

    Steak--most of us ordered the NY strips. Not only were they not cooked properly, they we tough and tasteless--except for the yummy sauce that salvaged them.

    Sides--were all fantastic!

    Our custom cake was unbelievable! I will try to post pics on the cake thread later if you want to watch for it. Kuddos to Pat--she out-did herself.
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    Sorry your reception wasn't better. I'm glad to hear the salad is so good. We love the Grand Floridian burgers (lobster-yum!) so we're heading there next week. I'd love to see pictures of your cake when you get a chance to post it!

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