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Discussion in 'Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure Forums' started by Bstanley, Jul 3, 2002.

  1. Bstanley

    Bstanley DisNoid

    Mar 1, 2001
    There are several rumors afoot that Vivendi-Universal will attempt to get some badly needed cash by:

    1) Spinning off the Universal portion of the company as a separately traded stock with Barry Diller as CEO/Chairman.

    2) Selling off Universal entirely with Barry Diller orchestrating a management buyout!

    Anyone know if BD and JK are still good buddies? ;-)

    That would be REALLY interesting, the big ME versus his former mentor+creative guy.. Would that be good for the parks or WHAT!
  2. larworth

    larworth DIS Veteran

    Apr 27, 2000
    I don't see Disney buying the parks, but are there any other pieces of Vivendi empire that would be good additions for Disney if there was a fire sale (and they had the liquidity)?
  3. YoHo

    YoHo If you have any poo to fling, now is the time.

    Nov 1, 1999
    I doubt it, Universal is too big to swallow me thinks. If they couldn't get MGM.

    I Think BStanely is implying that Bary Diller Running the Theme Parks would force Disney to work harder due to the intense rivalry. Still, A Universal without Vivendi is not as Formidibale an opponent as a Universal WITH Vivendi. They wouldn't have the same kind of money.

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