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  1. LoveMyLAP-BAND

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    Aug 30, 2005
    Hello all,

    You guys are so great at giving info about all things Disney that I thought there must be someone out there who is familiar with BG-Williamsburg.

    I am going there in mid-July (to vacation with a family we mat on the Disney Cruise!) and I need some help with touring plan info, etc.

    I can't seem to find a place like this for BG so I am appealing to all you DISers.

    Thanks for any information you can pass along.

    If you need to know there are 6 kids--- boys ages 9, 8 and 5 and girls ages 5, 4 and 3
  2. keishashadow

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    Dec 30, 2004
    We threw together a quick trip last August, some helpful sites:


    We only briefly visited the historic grounds, you can stroll about - many things are "free".

    As for motel/hotel rec...avoid Motel6 at all costs:scared1: , a dump & they refused to honor on-line rate that we reserved LOL.

    Never thought VA could get so hot & humid! IMO, it's more of a scenic/walking park (wasn't too thrilled w/rides). ..good luck.
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  4. vascubaguy

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    Apr 25, 2005
    Well, I live about an hour from BG Williamsburg. If you are looking for things to do other than BG, there is also Water Country right down the street from BG. You can get a pass that is good at both parks.

    There is also Colonial Williamsburg. You could walk around the historic area (for free), but if you want to tour any of the buildings or participate in the activities, there are various admission levels. There's also the outlet malls not far away, as well as many dining options.

    There's also the Jamestown Settlement, the Yorktown Center, a Haunted Dinner Theater, and not far from VA Beach and cruises around the chesapeake bay, etc....

    I guess a lot of your planning will depend on how long will you be in Williamsburg and how far away from Williamsburg you want to venture.

    You can check out www.williamsburg.org (I believe they have quite a bit of info there).

    Oh, and just for reference, it will be rather toasty and humid in July, so be sure and pack the sun screen and have lots of water available.
  5. laceemouse

    laceemouse laceemouse

    Apr 20, 2003
    Our family LOVES Williamsburg! We have been twice and plan to go again before too long! BG is really fun, and not nearly as crowded as WDW (at least not when we went in June!) Nobody has as many family rides as Disney, but BG still has plenty of fun rides and shows for all ages. It is a beautiful park, they have won awards for their landscaping. They also have a couple of animal attractions...wolves and the Clydesdales!!! We love CW and Yorktown, but I think our favorite historical site there is Jamestown. If the kids have seen Pocahontas they will LOVE it! You get the go inside Native American homes and also see what the English settlement looked like. We especially enjoyed the replicas of the ships that the English came over on. You get to board them, way cool! Williamsburg is educational but very fun and beautiful. We did 2 days at BG, one day at Water Country USA, about a half day each at Jamestown and Yorktown, and a couple of days at CW....quite a full week of fun!!
  6. dylansmom1

    dylansmom1 Mouseketeer

    Feb 6, 2006
    Are you looking for a Touring plan of Williamsburg or a Touring plan to get around Busch Gardens?

    As a former employee of Busch and a Veteran of the park, I can help you out. I went to Busch on the day they first opened back in the 70's when I was a little girl. I know the park like the back of my hand. PM me if you want some touring advice like where to start, where to eat etc.

    I've been twice already this seasona nd I'm going again on Sunday!

    As for Williamsburg. The best deal is to get a Patriot Pass which will get you into all the historic sites. It's really the best deal for the money.

    I also recommend Jamestown Island and Jamestown Fort (the fort replica and the musuem are seperate entities, so it's confusing). We are coming up on the 400th anniversary of Jamestown, so they are doing special exhibits right now.

    Water Country is a fantastic waterpark. Very close to Busch.

    On Richmond Rd there is the new Yankee Candle Factory stores. We also have the Pottery Outlets, the Factory outlet stores and basketville for shopping.

    In Newport News is the Mariner's Musuem if you have any maritime fans. It's a really neat museum. Also they have the Virginia Living Musuem which my 7 yr old adores.

    There is also the Shirley Plantation & the Lee Hall Plantation.

    I recommend eating at Chownings Tavern. Skip the Trellis, very expensive, small portions and rude wait staff. I don't care if the Death by Chocolate chef owns the place, it stinks.

  7. LoveMyLAP-BAND

    LoveMyLAP-BAND Banded 2/18/05

    Aug 30, 2005
    Hi Jane,

    I knew SOMEONE would be able to help me! :banana:

    I am looking for a touring plan of Busch Gardens. We are also going to Water Country. Any tips on making the most of our day at BGW would be great.

    Thanks! :thumbsup2

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