Osbourne Family lights at MGM


May 20, 2001
If you are going to MGM during the holiday season, make sure you stay until 6 when they turn on the lights in "streets of America" used to be New york streets. The line starts and you enter from the side near the wizard hat, you come out by Star tours. It is breathtaking. It is a must.
You have to stand in line for this? Ugh! I thought you could just freely roam the street. Thanks for the tip!
There is a pathway leading back to the lights. It's not bad at all. There is a fence dividing the down the middle.

We were there tonight and it works very well the way it is arranged.
How busy was it for Osborne Lights Safety Mom. We haven't seen them yet this year and want to head over soon....

It wasn't too crowded. I think this area will hold more people than the old area. We had plenty of room to move around and take pictures.

They had more of the snow making machines working tonight. It was great!!!
You are welcome. I didn't enjoy the old Osbourne lights because it got too crowded but the news ones are nice. I have been twice now. I think even when the holiday crowds hit it should be OK.

The only line really is to get in. Once you make it onto NY Street, it really opens up.
We were there on Friday 11/26. The new location is OK, but a substantial number of lights were out that night. Very noticable. I would guess about 15% or so, more on certain buildings.



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