Orlando Premium Outlet


Jul 27, 2012
We're going to go to the Disney outlet on I Drive on our trip. We won't have a car. What are some good dining options at the mall or within walking distance? We're not picky eaters.


DIS Veteran
Aug 3, 2010
Not sure what is currently in the food court at the one on Vineland (nearer WDW), but that would be on the same link that @HopperFan posted, just navigate to the other location.

There is a newly opened Ford's Garage in the Premium Annex (across Vineland); it appears to be a higher end burger chain, looks pretty good. There is also an Outback's and Gilson's Brazillian across on the North side of Vineland nearby. We've always wanted to try the little Q'Kenan - it's Venezuelan cuisine in a very small space tucked down the side of the Publix grocery store; it's always very busy when we pass by and the menu looks interesting. It's next door to the nearest Liquor store to our usual resort, so we've noted it, well, once or twice :rolleyes1. If you walk a little South of the mall down Vineland past Mary Queen of the Universe cathedral, there is a Longhorn's Steakhouse and a Panera Bread; Panera is our go-to when we want a quick and lighter/healthier meal.

All of these are in the same "block" as the mall, but we're talking a very large industrial sized block, so a little bit of walking may be called for. Google maps will show you the locations.


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