Orlando Magic and Fantasmic


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Apr 27, 2000
From a recent article about the possible fate of the Orlando Magic

Theme-park consultants point out that Disney could use an arena for concerts and other entertainment events such as the "Disney on Ice" skating show. For example, Disney is planning to roughly double the size of the 6,500-seat MGM Studios theater where it holds the nightly Fantasmic special-effects extravaganza. Even since the post-Sept. 11 travel slowdown, the Fantasmic show has been packing in guests -- and sometimes turning hundreds away.
Has anyone else heard this rumor?

With the desire to exit the Aneheim sports market, I just don't see them making this move (buying the Magic) as a way to revitalize the whole WO Sports effort. Well, at least they wouldn't have to change their name.

We were at Fantasmic 01/10/02 and the stands weren't near full.
Must have been an off night. :confused:
Disney has just bought a 6 year deal to show NBA games on ABC and ESPN starting next year. So this shows Disney is interested in the NBA. And if they oppened a stadium on disney property and bought the magic, they will be able to sell the them park during every magic game. For example, "This is Marv Albert and welcome to the NBA on ABC, and get ready for todays game as the New York Knicks come to Disney World Florida to battle the Orlando Magic." So it could happen, but its not likely.
It would be hard to expand the Hollywood Hills Ampitheater besides the fact that if outside events were booked in that venue they would have to cancel Fantasmic for the night and add an alternate entrance to the park so that park admission would not be required. As it is most concerts are held at Pleasure Island or House of Blues and their are plenty of venues available for sporting events and other events.


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