Original Park Designs?

Zeke Draven

Apr 28, 2001
Does anybody else remember going to the original preview of IOA, when it was in the building next to King Kong? I remeber seeing all of design sketches, props, and list of descriptions for all of the rides that the park opened with. However, I don't remember what the sketches looked like, and I would like to compare them to what is there now.
Does anybody know where I can find pictures of the original sketches, articles in the designs, descriptions of how the rides were supposed to be, anything you can think of?
Also, if anybody else did see this when it was out, what do you remeber?

"There is no Fate but what we make for ourselves."
ok i have been wondering this for a while

bring the hulk on!

Hey there, I worked in the Preview Center while it was open and can tell you a little about the conceptual artwork that was in there. First off you should know that it was "conceptual" and quite a bit of the ideas changed during the construction of the park due to money or time constraints, secondly what most people dont know was the fact that some of the artwork was purposefully wrong, we didnt want all of our secrets getting out especially with Disney Imagineering and management people coming thru the building from time to time. Many many things changed while the park was being built, some for the better, quite a few for the worse. If there is anything you'd like to know more about just let me know the name of it (i.e. hulk, spidey, poseidon) and I will do my bet to let you know what was planned and what actually came to fruition. I hope this helped at least a little :)
I want to know as much as possible. I am fascinated by seeing how things were planned, and then how they turned out. On paper, everything looks so cool and possible, but when you go to actually do it, things change. I want to know mainly about Spiderman, the original X-Men attraction mentioned, Posiedon's, and Sinbad. For that last one, I thought I remembered something completely different mentioned. If the details are something you don't want to publicly declare, then you can E-mail me them if you want.

"There is no Fate but what we make for ourselves."
I remember reading something where Spider-Man was supposed to have live actors. I think the original design was to hook up a couple of trains and do a dark ride.


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thats what i heard too- ok so the little voices don't just talk to me

bring the hulk on!
Don't feel bad at all fboy. There are tons of things I thought I remembered that didn't show up in the park, but now I'm seeing details about them now. Like the cannon on Hulk. I could have sworn when i saw it, that it looked different from the realized version, and look at that!, I was right.hehehe

"There is no Fate but what we make for ourselves."
hey univorlguy i seen your post and was wondering if you can give me more info on a simpsons island they had planned and the ottomobile could you give me all the info you have on these things if any.
is there any way that they could ever have a ride in the port of entry?

bring the hulk on!
i dont think so face it where would they put it they have stores on either side and then 2 bridges the skipper tours there is just no room.unless you make a walkway come out on either sides before the lighthouse.
I have to agree with Suz. There isn't any room. I haven't even been on the Island Hopper Tours yet. Are they entertaining at all?

"There is no Fate but what we make for ourselves."
the last ride i go on when i go is jurassic river ride so i take the tours back for rest they are very boring. when i get to port of entry i go shopping then i leave.


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