opinions on Teva Womens Nylon Pretty Rugged.....


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Mar 28, 2000
I am trying to decide. Found this one at $35. Is it a good sandal? A good price? Help please. thanks

I have these sandals and I love them. They adjust easily and feel great. They dry quickly too. I think $35 is a good price, I think I paid about that much last year.

-- Robin
Another thumbs up for this sandal - I LOVE mine...my feet were more comfortable in them tromping around WDW than in my sneakers (made my feet wayyyy too hot!) - I practically lived in them all summer long!


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Teva sandals are super. I have the leather ladies (I think they're 'Pretty Rugged', not sure) and also a nylon pair - both are great. The nylon pair has been holding up strong since '98 - they took my safely over sharp, slick lava flows all over the Hawaiian islands & many trips thru the parks too. You can't go wrong with Tevas. I buy mine from L.L. Bean - their return policy is the best anywhere. One pair of hiking boots broke down a year after purchase (and after getting beat to heck in Zimbabwe) & Bean gave me full credit toward a new pair!

I tend to have icky, sweaty feet, and the Tevas are so much better than tennis shoes. Plus, if it rains, if you decide to romp thru the fountains, or whatever, your feet will be much happier than having soggy socks & shoes to squish around in.


also high enough off the pavement,that in Rain Storms[from experiece at Epcot]your feet still stay dry!

I was reading that the Terrradactyls have a shock pad in the heel for cushioning, and was wondering if better than the Pretty Ruggeds.

I have both the Pretty Ruggeds in leather, and the Circuit, the walking sandal ( which has the shock pads), and the circuit was more comfortable.

Also, how comfortable is the rubber sole next to your feet? Is it sticky or hot? The Tevas I have both have a nubuck lining. Just wondering. Thanks!!! :D

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