opinions on NON disney dinner shows?


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Jan 2, 2002
We are looking for something fun to do with the kids(ages 12,10,7,4) the night we arrive in Kissimmee. We were thinking of a dinner show....any opinions? Do you get a decent bang for your buck? How is the food? What show is kid( 3 boys 1 girl) friendly?

Thanks so much!!!



Earning My Ears
Jul 3, 2001
I loved Medieval Times. I think kids would enjoy it too. Heck, you get to eat with your fingers, no sliverware at all.

Arabian Nights was pretty boring IMO. The food wasn't that great either.

This time around we're going to try out Pirate's Adventure, hopefully it will be as good as Medieval Times.


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Mar 3, 2002
We enjoyed medieval times as well, although it was rather pricey IMO. For the 6 of you, without coupons, it would be $193.95.

For something slightly less expensive and more engaging (again, just my opinion) You might want to try the Wonderworks Magic Show Combo. The magic show is *ok* from an adult's perspective (well, mine anyway) but my kids LOVED it. Audience interaction happens, which is fun too. They serve all you can eat pizza, soda, beer, and wine, so most kids would like the food. But the bigger hit is the wonder works interactive exhibits. I had the drag the kids out of there when it was time to go, they did not want to leave. Some of it is entertainment only, some has an educational bent, it was all fun. Some virtual reality stuff, too (like virtual hanggliding, a simulated earthquake, etc) Cost for the 6 of you, without coupons, would be $167.70 for the dinner show + admission to the exhibit hall. I think they have a couple of coupons available on their site. Oh--they also have lazer tag. We didn't do it, but it cost about $5 per person. their site is www.wonderworksonline.com

Have fun!!


Has anyone done Capone's Dinner Theater? My daughter and son-in-law went there 2 years ago and really enjoyed it. From what they told me, I tend to think it is geared more for adults, not raunchy, or anything like that, just more along the gangster line. Son-in-law was asked to participate in the festivities, and enjoyed that, especially since his last name is Capone. They highly recommended it for hubby and me.


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May 29, 2000
I would vote for Medieval Times. It's a great show and the food is good too.


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Aug 25, 2000
Fort Wilderness Camp grounds Has a campfire with S'mores[$4.00 per kit or bring your own] and then watch a Disney movie.

Or go to Epcot and see Illuminations or MGM and see Fantazmic!!

Play Miniture Golf onsite or offsite!


Earning My Ears
Jun 17, 2002
We're also getting in too late to spend time at the parks. I figured we could do Mouse Boats, Disney Quest, Illuminations, and back to Disney Quest. We get in at 1:30, to hotel by 2:30. Does this sound doable?


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Nov 12, 2000
I agree with Waldo'sMom about the Capone Dinner Theatre. We had a fun time and still wise crack about some of the jokes- 2 years later.

I would recommend it for teenagers and older, nothing raunchy, just not as appealing to little kids.

The food was ok, nothing great-served cafeteria style. We were glad we had AAA discount.

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Jun 23, 2001
We have done Medieval times in another locations and truely enjoyed it. DS ,then about 6, loved it. Another idea that is not cheap but not that much more than an offsite show would be HDDR at Fort Wilderness. It is an all you can eat county meal and show and a wonderful delight. A great way to start you WDW vacation. As mentioned before there are alot of on site things to do with out doing into a park.We like to start our trip with a first night ride on the monorail. You could combine this with a resort character meal too. Don't overdo if you have had a hard travel day. You will want a fresh start for the parks the next day.


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Aug 15, 2002
Check out Slueths mystery dinner theatre... it is smaller, more intimate, and much more personal.

The food is not stellar... but tasty... and the acting and show is entertaining to say the least! Your children might enjoy the show!


Oct 15, 2001
I wouldn't waste your time or money at Arabian nights!!! I fell down and broke my foot at the hotel we were staying at and they sent us to Arabian Nights for free because of my injury. The food was terrible- we had to send back one of the meals, I don't remember what exactly it was!!!

I don't know what was more excruciating- my broken foot or the performance!!!


Earning My Ears
Jul 3, 2001
You are so right. Don't go to Arabian Nights, the food was terrible. I ordered the spinach lasagna and it was still frozen in the middle when I got it. My husband ordered the prime rib and it was full of fat. The server never asked how my husband would like it cooked (med.).

The show was nowhere near as good as Medieval Times. Heck, the food was better at Medieval Times as well. Even without the silverwear.


Dec 2, 2001
We went to the Pirates Dinner in Orlando, and all I can say is that they should spend more money on the food and the show instead of blowing it all on marketing. They make it sound like it's all-out amazing, but it was a major let-down. They said that seating is on a first-come first-serve basis, and there is a pre-show, but they don't tell you that once you're into the pre-show there is NO PLACE TO SIT DOWN for the entire hour or more that you're there (standing on a hard cement floor) until they finally let you into the theater. The pre-show was a joke. The food was not hot, and it was very late, and--although we arrived way early--our seat was not very good. It was a definite rip-off. Also, our waiter pretty much ignored us. (My theory to this is that it's because we weren't drinking, but since it was an open bar, it wasn't like we were affecting his tip...)

I'd like to give dinner shows in Orlando another chance, but I'm kind of afraid of getting burned again, and for big bucks, we're not talking a simple first-degree burn!


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Sep 2, 1999
The Mystery Dinner at the Grosvenor Resort out at the village is a lot of fun too. We did it several years ago and really enjoyed it. Nice buffet style meal and lots of laughs.


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