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Feb 14, 2001
I was looking at Mousesavers today and noticed that Disney is offering outstanding rates for memorial day week at several of their resorts. On Mousesavers, it is recommended that you work with Small World Travel. I have sent an email with the necessary information and am anxiously awaiting a reply (or phone call). I am just wondering if anybody else has used Small World Travel for booking Disney vacations and how their experience with them went?

I believe that my experience will be a good one since they are recommended (and Sue Pisaturo specifically) through MouseSavers, but I am looking to find anything I should be aware of before proceeding further down that route.

Thanks in advance for any info.


Do you realize you can call CRO to use the codes? Sometimes it is better to plan on your own. I've booked with travel co and found it is cheaper to do it myself. Especially if you need airfare. Once you book with a package with a travel agent, that's it. They won't lookk further for a cheaper rate.

Take the code number and call CRO or Disney Travel for a package if you want to do it that way.
I am currently using Small World Travel for my vacation.
I had her book a room only package for me. We had a change of
plans and had to add a Sunday to our reservation. When she first called
she was told that there were no rooms available for me using the DC card.
Well, she was persistant and I now have Sunday added to my ressie.(I will have to
pay the higher rate $10.00 extra) but I will be able to stay in the same room.
I only have 2 weeks and 1 day to go:bounce: :bounce: :D :D
We are also currently using Small World Travel for our June trip.

When we first contacted them (by email), we asked to book 3 nights at the cheapest rate. Our agent compared DC and AAA and told us AAA was the better deal. Then we changed our plans and added a 4th night. She took care of this w/in 24hrs., no problem.

When we found out about the Summer room only package code, we emailed her immediately. Again she responded w/ in 24 hrs. She told us that when she recieved our email, she was in the process of contacting all of her clients who were eligible for this code and adjusting their rates.

Before we finalized our reservation and made a deposit, we called our agent and talked to her in person to make sure all of our info. was correct.

We are not purchasing airline tickets or Disney tickets through Small World, but for the room reservations, we have been very pleased with their service.

Have you thought about contacting Dreams Unlimited? Lots of people here have had good experiences with them, including me :)


It sounds like Small World is pretty good too, from the responses you've received so far, but as far as mousesavers recommending them, well, "Mousesavers" is really just one person. One really helpful person, of course!
I have been in contact with Small World Travel now and so far so good. I do think I will contact Dreams Unlimited to get a price to compare what I was offered with however. We shall see which is which, but either way, I think this is a lot easier than having to deal with contacting Disney directly to setup my trip. I like having the travel agency do all the leg work...as long as they do due diligence to find me a decent rate (which appears to be the case thus far).

Thank for all your responses and suggestions so far!!!


OMG, I think I would have spent more planning on my own. I definitely would have less hair!

I've been working with Courtney from Small World Travel and all I can say is wow- she knows her stuff!

I got $150 off the posted rates for 4 nights at Coronado Springs(I guess it was a code I didn't know about) plus one Day tickets to the parks. We're going to hit the Magic Kingdom during the Halloween party- that saves a little as well as being fun.

But what was invaluable was her help with dining. She knew I was on a budget and she helped me plan out where to eat and when, and when to just grab something outside the parks or eat on the go.

She even had some great strategies, like eating dinner at the MK so that we beat the rush at the gate for the party.

She also helped with suggestions of things to do outside the parks that are free or low-cost! So, with only one day park passes and party tickets, we still have our 5 days completely filled with stuff to do.

I feel a lot more sure of myself than if I'd just randomly picked stuff out on my own and tried to make reservations.
I have a Small World Travel agent. She's friendly and I like that she keeps track of things for me.

I booked Free Dining just in the nick of time and she helped me track down a remaining room. I wouldn't have wanted to do that on my own. If I had booked earlier I would have let her make my ADRs, but I didn't.

That being said I think I know more about Disney than she does and I haven't even been to WDW yet. But I'm a compulsive Disney researcher and I remember almost everything I read, so I don't hold that against her.
LOVE LOVE LOVED small world!
I have recommended them to at least 3 different families and they have loved them too and every single one of us have left on vacation with our final price being cheaper then quoted
my agent did everything for me i loved them and Josephine!:banana:
What is with the ancient threads today? This one is from 2002?!?!?

But, in case anyone new is reading, I love my Small World Vacations agent! She finds the deals FOR me and applies them if I am eligible. Now worries on my part! Love it!
So Sorry!

I thought it was better to continue a thread I found than to start a new one. I'm just so excited!! :D


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