Only once ever ten years! - Pre-Trip Planning - Critiques and Suggestions welcome


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Nov 23, 2006
OK - So I know my trip is forever away - but once the school year starts, I won't be able to do anything Disney - and then by the time schools out May, 2021, it's gonna be too late!!
The last time we went to Disney was in 2011 for my son's 5th birthday. We stayed 15 nights at Coronado - but then was upgraded to a 2 bedroom villa at Saratoga -- but that's a different story!
We are booked for July, 2021 - 10 days; 9 nights; 7 park days. It will be my sons 15th birthday!
Please tell me -- does anyone else plan like this?
I'd love to hear your thoughts -- mainly, am I spacing the attractions out enough? My time estimations?

Arrival Day: Arrival Day 1/10
Day Two: DHS: Day 2 - DHS- 2/10
Day three through 10 in the works!

PS -- I would love to make a slide show for your trip!! Just ask.
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Apr 29, 2009
So are you planning on leaving the bubble? Going to Universal/IOA? Shopping... checking out I-drive - maybe the beach for a day?

July is the hottest time of the year, so you will want to plan for mid-day breaks, you will need them... I live in Winter Garden... right now it's 93 and with the humidity the real feel is 102... and it's 1:00 ish... As well 40% chance of rain, sometime today... which can always come in patches off an on...
So sunscreen sunscreen and more sunscreen, some type of lightweight rain jacket...

I never plan anything on arrival day whenever we travel, just to many variable's on what can happen...


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Nov 23, 2006
No - we always stay on property. But these are just two out of 10 of the days. I am not done making the slideshows. Most of the days I have set aside we are leaving in the middle of the day for a break and coming back…


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