One Night Stay & Discount Codes


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Aug 24, 1999
I've been having problems getting decent airfare for our Saturday morning flight in May. I've been kicking around the possibility of going Friday afternoon instead and getting an inexpensive room for the night and then move to OKW on Saturday for 6 nights. I don't have enough DVC points to add Friday night at OKW (48 for 1 bedroom). I would like to stay at CBR or POR, but not pay more than $100. We've stayed at both before and liked them. Has anyone been successful getting a discount on a 1 night stay? They had an ad for the CIF code in our morning paper but it had disclaimer "minimum stay may be required". USAirways changes their schedules on the first weekend of the month, so I want to wait a couple weeks before I make a final decision. You have 14 days to make a room deposit, right? So I could call this week and see if I could get a discounted room and wait to make the deposit until I decide?
I just made a one night reservation using the CIF code (did it through DreamsUnlimited).

Good luck!


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