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    WDW Trip Report -- December 14th through the 19th

    Tammi, "Rajah", primary trip planner and trip report writer. 4th trip to the World

    Michael, "VonDrake", once again seriously in need of a vacation. Finals are rough on the instructors too ;) 3rd trip to the World

    Supporting Cast:

    Becky, long time friend of Tammi and Michael, CM at outdoor foods at MGM

    Art, new friend (this year), CM at Innoventions

    Trip dates:

    Thursday December 14, 2000 through Tuesday December 19th, 2000

    Stayed at:

    Caribbean Beach Resort Thursday through Sunday, transferring to Wilderness Lodge on Sunday

    After our late night last night, I'd purposely planned to make today a bit of a sleep-in day compared to our usual hours. On past trips, we were getting breakfast around 8:30...for today, our PS for breakfast weren't until 10:30.

    Our wake-up call came at 9am, but again no Mickey, just that irritating hum. I quickly set the phone back down then half-dozed until 9:20 when I figured if we didn't get up, we wouldn't get moving at all and certainly wouldn't make our ambitious goal of hitting all 4 parks in one day. So up I got and got ready, then I figured out how to use that coffee machine. Not being a coffee drinker, that's more of a task than it sounds like. It's such a simple device, I'm always sure I'm doing something wrong ;)

    A cup of coffee waved under Michael's nose then held just out of reach until he was sitting up got Michael grumblingly up, then I got our stuff ready to go for the day while he finished getting ready.

    One of those tasks required calling Bell Services and making an appointment for tomorrow morning, because tomorrow we'd be moving to the Wilderness Lodge. That went quick and easy and after just a few moments I had an appointment for our bags to be picked up promptly at 11 with instructions that if we were ready to go early I could call and have the bags picked up early.

    By the time I had everything ready to go, Michael was ready as well so out we went and we hit the bus stop around 10:10 or 10:15. As usual, we only had about a 5 minute wait for the bus to Animal Kingdom and arrived around 10:35. Much as I would have liked to pause to see the characters and take in the atmosphere a little more since Animal Kingdom is one of my favorite parks, we were already late for our breakfast and I knew they stopped serving around 11 so we rushed straight to the restaurant. No locker this morning because we'd be bouncing around too many parks for it to be practical this time around.

    We finally reached Donald's Breakfastosaurus and checked in at 10:45...15 minutes late for our PS, but as usual we were allowed in. Like I said, we have a bad habit of being late and I'm sure that one of these days, we're going to be told we're no longer on the PS list because we're too late ;)

    As usual, our first stop with the restaurant was to the dinosaur cutout to get our picture taken. We had one done here in January while on our honeymoon, and I didn't think we would get it again, but they'd put a santa-hat on the Carnotaur (sp?) and we had a great photographer this time. With it being almost 11am, the sun was coming in at the wrong angle for him to get a good shot it seemed, and he kept asking us to move back so he could cut out the lens flare. Finally, with our backs almost touching the cutout, the lens and sun cooperated and we were able to get a picture. Last time, we were just told to stand there, but this time the photographer had us stand with my hand on Michael's heart and his arm around me. It was really sweet and I knew that if the picture came out, I'd want it.

    Then we had to sit on the porch for several minutes before we were let in. When they called us, they were already clearing away the tables to the left and had a curtain up to the right effectively blocking entrance. The people behind the McDonald's counter were starting to get ready as well since they opened in a few minutes for their "normal" fare.

    This wasn't our favorite character breakfast from January, and I still don't consider it a favorite, but it did have pretty good food and the characters were nice and it is one I'd do again if we find ourselves in AK again needing breakfast. The CMs were exceedingly helpful and would tease some of the guests with various tricks. I seemingly disappointed a couple of CMs when I didn't fall for their tricks, but I'd been watching what they were doing to others so I knew what to expect ;) I'll admit, it was hilarious to watch the reactions of some guests who *didn't* know what to expect.

    For those who want all details, I'll say in this paragraph what the pranks were, but if you don't want to know and want to be surprised when you go, then stop reading now because further in this paragraph is a spoiler (thanks to "aerobics" on the DIS for this idea in a trip report). Intermission music: It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine (a song we heard twice in the 20 or so minutes we were there). Okay, intermission over, spoiler alert. The first thing they tried to get me with was a fake mustard bottle. It looks real, but when they squeeze it, it shoots a yellow string at the guest to make them think they're getting mustard squirted on them. The second was a ketchup bottle of the same type. The third, which I saw but didn't have pulled on me, was when a CM pretended to trip and "spilled" an entire tray of drinks on a lady...only they were apparently empty cups glued down to the tray. Sure surprised that lady though! More intermission music: It's a world of laughter, a world of tears...

    Okay, for those of you who left us, it's safe to return. Breakfast was fairly quick, and we discovered that that sturdy-looking buffet table was actually a bunch of portable mini-heating tables because they took one side of the buffet down while we were there and were starting on the other side by the time we left. Just after they brought our check, the lady came around to deliver our pictures. As we expected, there were two 8x10s and 2 fridge magnets. One look, and we had to get them. But neither of us really wanted to say so until we'd circled around the subject, afraid the other didn't want it because we'd gotten the picture in January. So we were both happy when we found the other wanted the picture, too. (confused yet? ;) ) We purchased the set, then sat back and relaxed until the lady returned with the pictures and the receipt.

    After breakfast, we hurried over to Tarzan for the 11:15 show and got great seats for photos near the back of the main section but not in the raised seating behind the walkway. The theater was fairly full, but not quite as packed as it was the second time we watched the show in January during MLK weekend. And as always, we really enjoyed this show. I have a very hard time deciding if this is my favorite or if Festival of the Lion King is my favorite, they're a VERY close tie.

    After Tarzan, we went to Countdown to Extinction, now called Dinosaur though I'll always refer to it as CtX, to pick up a couple of fastpasses. The return times were for 1:10-2:10, which was cutting it close to ride after Festival of the Lion King, which was somewhere around 1:15 or 1:20 (I forgot to note the time). But we went ahead and grabbed the fastpasses, and then on the off chance we wanted to ride a second time, we grabbed a second pair using our room keys.

    Then it was a mad dash to Asia to see the tigers briefly, which is my favorite stop (non-show) in all of Animal Kingdom. The tigers were a little hard to find as they were hiding more than normal, meaning they weren't in the first pen except around by the wall. But we did finally find them and admire the beauties for a few minutes. Since they weren't active, I only took a few pictures this time instead of the 2 or 3 or 4 rolls-worth I took in January and intend to take again next time ;) What can I say, I love tigers ;)

    From Asia, we had only about 15 minutes before Festival of the Lion King was supposed to start -- on the other side of the park. So we hoofed it and were able to make it from the exit of the Maharajah Jungle Trek to the Lion King Stadium in 8 minutes. Or, I was anyway...Michael kept getting lost in the crowd ;) But he didn't get too far behind and there was still *plenty* of seating available.

    We were put, as always, in the Lion section. I don't know why, but every single time I've seen this show, I *always* end up in the lion section. I don't mind, because of the sections available, the lion is my favorite animal, I just find it interesting because we don't always arrive at the same time.

    I enjoyed the camera during this show, which I've tried getting both photos and video of and in the past none have turned out well (the video was blurry, stupid tiny-screen where you can't tell if you're really focused or not). But this digital camera worked wonders and I actually got pictures without having to use the flash :D

    As always, we really enjoyed this one as well and again we tried to decide which was our favorite. Michael still stands by Tarzan Rocks as his favorite, but not by much, and for me even after seeing both one right after the other, they're really tied.

    After that, we only had a few minutes left in our fastpass window so we rushed back to Countdown and realized there was no way we'd be able to use both sets of fastpasses in the window available. So we went to the booths and stopped a couple walking up to get their fastpasses and gave them one of our pairs. They were surprised but more than happy to take them and walk right in. Then, since we did want to try to ride it a second time, we got a couple *more* fastpasses, this time with a return time of 2:40-3:40.

    Into line, then we were placed in the front (my favorite area) without me asking. Michael almost took the outside, but I know how he's not that fond of things jumping directly *at* him so I asked if he was certain he wanted the outer edge. He apparently didn't remember how many things jump out at you because he gave me a curious look until I explained, then quickly said he'd take inside. Since I don't mind being on the outer edge, this was fine by me.

    I must say I think they've actually *improved* this since January. Maybe it was just that the first time we rode in January I was trying to see if I could safely videotape the ride without injuring myself or damaging the camera, then the second time (after deciding yes I could) I was really furious after getting set up to record and being told no when there were no instructions anywhere that said you couldn't tape. So maybe because this time I was in a more hospitable mood and only looking to see if there were any pictures that might come out with the digital camera I enjoyed it more. Whatever the case, I really think they've added even more atmospheric elements, and I KNOW that Carnotaur at the end never has worked right before! He did this time, and it was the first time I've seen that effect work on CtX.

    What a rush! And a rather intense ride, I must say, even knowing what was coming and how things were done and all that. We looked at the time and what else there was we wanted to do for the day, then realized that we really didn't have enough time to ride CtX again if we wanted to also hit Rock'N'Roller Coaster in MGM -- another must-do. So we gave up on the fastpasses and tried handing them out as well, but without walking back to the main entrance of the ride (by which point we might as well ride it again) we didn't have any luck, so we ended up taking home a couple souvenir fastpasses.

    We rushed back out of the park, pausing only to look for Christmas pins at the pin cart with *still* no luck, then hit the bus stop. Where we had to wait for 3 busses to come by before we were able to fit on one. From Animal Kingdom, there is one bus that goes to both Epcot and MGM. And naturally, the bus goes to Epcot first, *then* MGM. So this time it was a rather long wait on the bus before we actually ended up getting off at MGM.

    When we walked in the front gate, I realized I'd miscalculated something. I hadn't anticipated running into the Mulan parade, and I wanted to get through the crowds. As I'd seen the parade already several times and it wasn't a favorite of mine, I hadn't tried to plan it in. But as we walked in the gate, there was Mushu running around telling everyone to look alive and get ready for the parade. So, figuring now would be a good time to hit Rock 'n Roller, I started cutting through the shops...

    ...then SCREEEEECHED to a halt when I saw the guest-of-honor badges hanging on the walls of one shop. Even though that was something I'd wanted to get before we left, and I'd searched through the Magic Kingdom the day before with no luck, and I *knew* they were in MGM as well, I'd completely forgotten about them. Now, I *had* to have not one, but two. Michael said go ahead and that he didn't want one, so while I decided what I wanted and then waited for the engraving machine to be ready and for someone who could take my order, Michael slipped outside to watch the parade. I think he got outside just about the time the parade was starting, and though people were about 2 or 3 deep on the sidewalks, it wasn't a bad view. After I'd turned in my name info and paid for the badges, I slipped out to watch the rest of the parade as well while waiting for them to be engraved.

    By the time the parade was over (a nice surprise and I think they've added a few characters...) my badges were ready. I had one green Tigger pin with "Rajah" put on it, and one blue Minnie with "Tammi". The blue one I pinned directly to my shirt, while the Rajah one was placed on my drink strap.

    *Then* we strolled on over check the wait and fastpass times on Rock 'n Roller. It was only as we were walking that I found out that Michael really wanted to see the Mulan parade again this trip but didn't see how we could fit it in so hadn't mentioned it. So my miscalculation turned out to be a good one :D

    We turned the corner to Rock 'N Roller, only to see that the fastpass return times were for 5:30-6:30, much later than we intended to be in the park, and that the wait was 55 minutes. Ever since fastpass, I don't like to wait any more than 20 minutes for any attraction and Michael never has waited long for anything but shows, so a 55 minute wait wasn't worth it even for one of our favorite rides. We'd just try again tomorrow, and even if we didn't see it this trip, we had last month and this trip really did feel like nothing more than an extension of our last trip.

    We turned right around seeing that wait and started out of the courtyard, but were stopped by one of the photographers in an area I didn't expect. Apparently, enough people wanted their picture taken with that big guitar in the background that they've set up a photo-shoot area there. I convinced Michael to get our picture taken because I thought it would be fitting to have one of him near the giant guitar, then we grabbed a poweraid and started out. (We never did end up seeing that picture, let alone getting it)

    Not wanting to just "waste" an afternoon at MGM, we decided to return to the wait times board and see what, if anything, had a short enough wait to see. One of the things I wanted to do but hadn't tried to fit in was the Muppets show, and as it turns out Michael had a craving to see that show today after having watched the preview channel back at the resort. I sure didn't argue, especially when we saw it was a walk-in.

    Off we started for Muppets, and then started looking for Becky. We knew what areas she tended to work in and were pretty sure she was working that day, so thought we'd stop by and say hi if she was. As we were walking past Indy, I remembered her mentioning she was occasionally positioned there so we detoured enough to check the first counter-service (outdoor booth type) place there. Sure enough, there was Becky! And since we both wanted a little snack, we hopped in line and said hi.

    Michael ended up getting something called a "Waffle Pup" and I had a chocolate-dipped Mickey rice-crispy treat after telling Becky to give me a call. The Waffle pup was literally a waffle in the shape of a corn-dog, on a stick. Michael got one that was dipped in chocolate with chocolate sprinkles, but there were several other options as well. He enjoyed it, as I did with about half of my rice crispy before the pure sugar was too much for me and I had to throw the rest away. What I really should have gotten was a hot dog or something instead of sweets, but oh well. No harm done :D

    While eating, we watched a couple of face-painters at work and admired the paintings of tigers two kids had on their faces. At that point, if I didn't know that first I'm allergic to the paints they usually use and second that I'd wipe it all over the place in just a few minutes, and if Michael hadn't pointed out that he'd feel silly going into Flying Fish with his face painted, we both probably would have gotten one.

    *Then* it was on to Muppets, where I looked for the mat but never found it to lift. We were one of the first ones let in for this show and made sure we were short enough to ride, then entered the preshow area and went straight up to the front left side, pretty much as far from the doors as we could get. This was one of the first times I've watched the preshow from the beginning, and the first one where I was so relaxed. There was plenty of room in the preshow area this time so I stretched out on the floor to relax (as were about half a dozen other guests) and watch. Then we idly made our way into the theater where Michael asked how on *earth* our Pixie had gotten in right next to us the last time we were here. I grinned and told him, and enjoyed the show even more because of the memory of the cannonball event Jane and the Pixies did for us (at my request) on our honeymoon.

    As always we enjoyed the show, and I had fun trying to figure out how they did more of the effects. I can't help it, I guess I'm an Imagineer-wannabe because I'm always trying to figure out how they're doing all the special effects :D

    By now, it was time to head over to Epcot if we wanted to see Tapestry of Nations. We thought about stopping to see the photo, but there was really too much of a wait and we were running late enough as it was. I'd heard they sometimes will keep the photos overnight, so figured we could always check tomorrow if we wanted to.

    Off to the boat dock where we caught the boat to Epcot, me looking for the walking path the entire time even though we were rather tired and didn't want to walk the entire way. We only stayed on the boat until the Yacht and Beach, me somewhat disappointed that we were running late enough that we couldn't stop to see the Swan and Dolphin as I'd hoped to do today, but oh well.

    At the Yacht and Beach we got off to walk and enjoy the atmosphere of the resort up to Epcot. This time we arrived at the International Gateway several minutes before the boat did instead of the one or two minutes we beat it by in November. Since we had about 45 minutes to kill before grabbing a spot for Tapestry, we turned toward the UK to go to the pin cart where I hoped to find that so-elusive Christmas pin. In the UK, a Beatles-like group was performing in the inner courtyard by the maze and we stopped in to watch for a few minutes. We would have stayed longer, but all the sitting areas were already taken and we didn't really feel like standing that long, so we just moved on out to the pin cart, where naturally there *still* was no Christmas pin.

    Slightly disappointed in that, we backtracked to where we wanted to watch Tapestry -- over by Morocco, in our usual place. On the way through France, we caught a glimpse of what turned out to be the only "Santa" we ended up seeing the entire trip. I forget his name, but it translated to "Father Christmas", and he was quite the character. He was on his way to the back, though, so we didn't get to see anything but him posing for one or two pictures (I unfortunately couldn't get my camera out fast enough).

    On to Morocco where we staked out our spot for Tapestry after a brief stop to listen to a portion of the Christmas-in-Morocco story one CM was telling. Again, we were fairly tired and wanted perfect spots for the parade, so we only stayed a moment.

    We had a good 20, 30 minutes before the 6:10 Tapestry, so I played with the camera (what else? ;) ) by taking pictures of the beautiful sunset and that tower. I don't know why, but I have taken more pictures of that tower in Morocco I think than I have any other single architectural feature in all of World Showcase. I just love that tower, and I can't say why. :D Maybe because it's so similar to a fort spire or something.

    While we waited for the parade, Michael slipped over to the wine booth across the way and tried two samples of wine, and we enjoyed listening to the musical group that performed...I think they were called "Mo' Rockin'" but I'm not sure.

    Finally, Tapestry began and we enjoyed it as ever. Only we decided this time wasn't as moving for some reason. We think it was because it wasn't totally dark outside yet, so the dramatic lighting elements of the show didn't work as well and that, in our opinion, seriously decreased the effect of the show. But we did have a neat time -- the Sage walked by so close we could touch him if we'd tried (I didn't want to try because I didn't want to trip him :eek: ), and then the lady that was standing beside me turned out to be one of the costumers for the parade on her day off. She's one of those who helps all the characters and dancers into their costume before the parade, and especially the Sage. She was apparently trying to show the parade to a family member or friend, but that person didn't want to get off the bench around the corner to come where he'd have a better look. Oh well, it was still neat :D

    After the parade it was off to the International gateway again, then around to that resting and viewing area for the Boardwalk -- the covered gazebo-like area where you can look out over the water and see the Yacht and Beach Club to one side and the Boardwalk to the other? Very nice view at night :D

    While sitting there (or more accurately, Michael sitting, me taking pictures), Michael got a little disoriented...we could see the Dolphin clearly, but for some reason we couldn't find the Swan. It took several minutes until we realized the lights were out that should have been illuminating the fountains and the giant swans. Then I heard some very faint music drifting across the water and figured out why... Fantasmic was playing at MGM! So we hung around to see if we could see any fireworks or laser effects coming from the Fantasmic stadium. I had to strain my ears to catch the music, but I was able to hear enough to know they were *very* close to the end fireworks.

    While the fireworks were going off, Art called on my cell phone. We were supposed to meet for dinner at the Flying Fish, and I'd oh-so-intelligently left his number back at the room :eek: -- but I knew he had mine, so I just left it on and with Michael. Turns out the Boardwalk's parking was already full and he was being directed to the parking area of the Swan and would come find us over at the Flying Fish.

    So, after the last of the fireworks (which were barely visible and we didn't see any lasers at all), we continued on around to the Flying Fish where we checked out the menu and found that both of our selections were indeed still on the menu, then we sat down to give Art a few minutes. That's when the cart of those really funny vaudeville-style entertainers drove up. While we would have liked to watch their show again (it was a surprise-highlight of our honeymoon) it was time to check in for our 7:15 PS at Flying Fish. For once, we actually made the 5-minute early check-in time, and were surprisingly seated right away. Apparently a group ahead of us had been seated at a table close to the open-flame grill and couldn't handle the smoke so they were moved and we were offered their table. :D

    Art found us in there and we settled down for dinner. I started out with the "Hail Caesar" salad... warning, while the anchovy flavor wasn't strong, this dressing was *really* spicy for someone who doesn't handle spice well. I think they used a lot of peppercorns or something, I don't know, I just had to scrape off most of the dressing. It was good, just too spicy for me. I think Michael and Art each had a soup, but I don't remember their opinions on it. For the main course, I had a pork steak with potatoes that was, as I recalled, absolutely DELICIOUS. Art ordered some fish dish that I don't recall, but he said it was good. Poor Michael, however, didn't fully describe what he wanted and just ordered the tuna. Turned out there were two tuna dishes on the menu... one was the one he wanted, a tuna steak of some sort I think with almonds. The one he ended up with was the chef's special of seared tuna, meaning a very thin cooked shell, raw inside. This was not at all what he expected, but not being someone who likes confrontation he didn't say anything and just ate it. Only *after* the meal did I find out that he really wanted the other tuna or I would have spoken up when he ordered if nothing else :rolleyes: . He said it was actually pretty good...at the time. For drinks, Michael and Art each had a wine that I don't recall, but I had my favorite drink which is something like a Coney Island Coaster... I'm not certain on the name, nor was it on the menu this time, but I asked about the drink that was blue and similar to a shirley temple and our server knew what I was talking about. If I love the Mint Juleps (non-alcoholic) at Disneyland, these are just as good even if quite different here!! :D :D :D

    We decided to skip dessert in hopes of being able to catch Fantasy in the Sky, and we would have been able to do so in the park if our server hadn't picked that time to become scarce and then slow with our check :rolleyes: . Other than that, he was good though. We paid our check then hiked out to Art's truck -- which meant we got to have a small tour of the Swan anyway. Neat! True, it's not much more than a standard convention hotel, but a neat one nonetheless.

    Up to the Magic Kingdom, then a ride on the tram to the monorail station, where the fireworks were beginning. I was a little disappointed, but we *had* gotten to see it in the park with a WONDERFUL view the night before at MVMCP, and they ended up piping the music into the entire area around TTA. So I tried getting some more pictures, intending to save one for that very last firework which I have yet to photograph because I always run out of film. This time, I ran out of memory late enough I couldn't delete a picture for it :mad: . One of these days, though... one of these days I *will* get a good picture of that final firework :D

    From there, it was a quick monorail ride to the Magic Kingdom, where we were able to catch a glimpse yet again of the electrical water pageant. One of these days, we're going to actually get to see that from a beach where we can hear the music :D Once in the park, it was a madhouse trying to fight through the crowds and duck through the shops to cross over to Frontierland. We ended up losing Art a couple of times, but it never took too long to find him again. Or more accurately he kept losing us since he's even better at cutting through crowds than I am.

    Once in Frontierland, it was into Country Bear Christmas since we still had over an hour until MSEP would reach this land. We really enjoyed that show, one I think is just as good as the original. Then since we had enough time, it was over to Thunder Mountain to get on one of the last trains of the day. The park closed at 10, and we were on at something like 9:55. It had to be close to that because when we got off, we talked about going again but couldn't because they'd already closed the line. I did get to show Art the goat trick, though, which he didn't realize worked here just as at Land.

    After Thunder we staked out a place along the rope at the far end right next to Splash, so we'd be able to see it going into the back. This meant we were at the park later than usual, but that was no surprise :D While waiting, we visited with the CM on duty there and had fun watching her try to stop people from mistakenly (or in some cases possibly on purpose) going into the back.

    When the parade started, we were in for quite a treat! While they hadn't changed anything on the floats or characters, the music was now a blend of 3 songs instead of two! You had the normal Baroque Hoedown... then the song coming from the float that was specific to the float, then overlaying the Baroque Hoedown and thus mostly only noticeable between floats was a Christmas medley :D :D :D I couldn't believe how well they blended three separate songs. It was such a good mixture that even Michael, who usually gets distracted by background music, couldn't even tell they had 3 going at once. I only knew because I was specifically listening. I hadn't expected them to do anything to MSEP for Christmas, so this was quite a pleasant treat for me.

    While we meandered out of the almost-empty park, we paused for some pin browsing and a picture of us in the sleigh set up for just such a purpose on Main Street, then discussed going to see the decorations at night at the Grand Floridian. Michael and I were both game, so off we went around the Seven Seas Lagoon to the resort where we walked in and were immediately wowed. They had a very nice chocolate/gingerbread house set up, complete with cut-away on the other side and the house was shown to be a doll house. There was even a Santa-train thing going around the base. Really cute.

    Then the tree... HUGEHUGE tree for inside a building. It was decorated with only clear lights, and of all things, MIRRORS for decorations. Full-size mirrors! Not hand mirrors, but the kind you can walk into an art shop and get -- those nice-sized framed mirrors.

    And *then*, we caught a glimpse of the gingerbread house Art wanted us to see... and this literally was a HOUSE! It was almost two stories tall and huge! Big enough there was a gingerbread *shop* inside...which was unfortunately closed because that smell of gingerbread was sooooo tempting. It was well worth the stop.

    Then it was back on the monorail to TTC, a tram to the truck with a very funny CM at the microphone on the tram, then Art dropped us by the resort...where we found out we'd forgotten to take the privacy-please sign down from the door :eek: . Housekeeping had left towels and such in big bags hanging from the door, though.

    We got a few things ready to go for tomorrow, but pretty much just crashed and decided to do the majority of our packing tomorrow morning. Set a wake-up call for 9, then we were out, but happy. We'd actually done it...hit all four parks, the Boardwalk, Swan, and had even added the Grand Floridian on all in one day. And had a good day doing it.

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    Wasn't that gingerbread house incredible!! Then theres the tree!! WOW, I couldnt imagine a tree with mirrors on it, but the one in the Grand Floridian had them didnt they!

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    We love Tarzan Rocks!! It is our favorite in Animal Kingdom...Thanks for posting this...great trip report so far!

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    I'm diggin' the details, babe! Keep it up!

    Also, I ordered the pan seared tuna when we were at the Brown Derby, and I knew something was "up" when our waitress asked me how I'd "like my tuna". I never before had had raw tuna before, but I thought it was absolutely delicious.

    I'm sorry that Michael had had that misunderstanding.

    I'm also going to award you the Energizer Bunny award, for being able to hit all 4 parks in one day!

    Somebody call I-X-I-I!!!
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    Wonderful details thanks for posting!
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    What a fun filled long day at Disney. You sure pack alot into one day. Thanks for posting!
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    Robin1116 Mouseketeer

    Jan 17, 2000
    Great trip posting!!! I can't believe you did all of the parks in one day... I can just imagine how bad your feet must have hurt the next day! Its amazing what we will do when we are at Disney!!!!
    I had to laugh at your Muppet Show flashback! I remebered for some reason reading your Honeymoon post and your gift of a lifetime package! I believe I am right... was it a cannonball? What a cleaver idea, it would be so much fun to suprise my Husband with something like that... maybe next time!!!

    Robin Longley

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