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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by emilyann415, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. emilyann415

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    May 23, 2008
    Wondering from other's experience, is their an area to request for best animal viewing. We stayed once at Kidani and barely saw any animals. Since then it's like pulling teeth to get DH to try this area. I only have one more chance with him and then I'm afraid we will never stay anywhere but the Wilderness Lodge (I realize there are worse things in the world ;))

  2. karenklo

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    Aug 26, 2003
    We stayed Jambo house 4th Floor which is CL last year. We always had animals outside our room. It fact, the easiest way to get the boys out of bed was to tell the them a giraffe was just outside!
  3. LJSquishy

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    Sep 12, 2011
    I haven't stayed there (yet!), but I've researched and it seems the most requested areas are the Sunset Savanna, or the Arusha Savanna Zebra Trail.

    The times of day you were in your room viewing the animals may have been the issue for you last time. Apparently they bring the animals inside an area in sections for a health check up daily in the morning. I think they start it around 6am or so and it takes a few hours to go through all of the animals so if you didn't see them in the morning that may have been why. I suppose they are allowed to roam around all day, and I think the animals go inside at night also (although I could be wrong on that).

    I was desperate to book a savanna view room for our trip next October (2014) but my husband reminded me that we don't spend ANY time in our room until after 5pm so it would be pretty pointless for us. And, we are rope drop people so we get up around 6:30-7am, get ready (shower the night before), and head out! My parents, however, who will be joining us this time in DW will be spending some time in their room during the day so I will book a savanna view room for them.
  4. karmacats

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    Jan 3, 2013
    AKL CL rooms all have an Arusha savanna view (unless they're DVC rooms). The rooms are on the 4th floor, which is a good height to see the animals - high enough to get an expansive view, but low enough you can see them pretty well.

    The Arusha animals are generally taken in for their daily checkups early in the morning (maybe 6-9ish), so you might not see them during your morning coffee. They are on the savannah at all other times. There are feeding stations set up near the rooms so there are usually tons of animals very close to your balcony.

    As for location, really with CL the only thing you can request is which "trail" you want, kudu or the other side (which i'm totally forgetting, because we always stay kudu ;) - maybe it's zebra trail?). i can't speak to the other trail, but on kudu trail we always ask for a room in the second or third pod/section down the hall, even though they are farther from the lobby, because we feel the animal viewing is a little better out there. if you're in the first pod right next to the lobby, you are mostly looking at arusha rock, so it's good people viewing but i don't think the animal viewing is as good. when we stay non-CL we actually ask for the fourth pod, but i don't think CL rooms go that far away from the lobby.

    We've stayed Arusha view 3 times (once CL, twice non-CL) and have had great animal viewing experiences every time. We'll be back there in Oct. for stay number 4 (CL again). Enjoy CL - you'll never want to go back! ;)

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