One HOT trip day 5

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  1. Bev J

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    Jan 26, 2000
    Tues Sept 24
    The travelers: 3 couples who have traveled together but never to WDW\

    B-46 ME T & M 50's J & Mac 60's

    Well we met in the hallway at 8:20, breakfast and left for AK a little after 9. We walked in around 9:20. Went to the first show of the Lion King. This is really the best show in the parks and I never get tired of seeing it. Everyone enjoyed it alot. We did not have to wait to be seated and there were alot of empty seats.
    Did alot of pin trades with CM's here, this park was the best yet for pin trading with CM's.
    We were all wearing the Liberty Bell pin given to guests at the DS on Sept 11. All throughout the trip we were asked if we were CM's. It seems that CM"s were given this pin in their paycheck and told it was a cast exclusive and they could wear it only on Sept 11. Many were upset to find that we were given the same pin. We had some extras and gave them out to kids.

    Back to the AK, we got a fast pass for the Safari and did the river rapids with no wait. we wore ponchos and would have been soaked otherwise. This park is so hot. We stoped at Pizzafari for the coupon value sheet. This is really the best deal in all the parks. for about 11.75 per person, we got a meal plus large drink, ice cream at a cart and a water or pop from a cart. I wish they would offer this deal at the other parks. We did the bug adventure and the safari.
    Now, parents with kids-in this heat there were alot of cranky kids and alot of really small babies. We went to do the safari and therre were 2 screaming, i mean really having a tantrum in the line. Now why did these parents continue on?? I have taken my kids to the parks when they were little and I run a home daycare so I notice and kid in distress. These kids were done in and should have been in a cool place or at least in the pool at the hotel. These 2 screamed bloody murder through the whole safari ride. The poor CM could not even talk above the crying. I don't blame the kids one bit, but the parents should have known better. The animals even noticed it I think they thought there was a wounded animal on our truck. We got alot of attention from them. We really noticed this alot during our trip, grouchy parents and kids who were not having a fun time at all.
    After the noisy safari we ate at Tusker house and enjoyed our meal, the chicken salad and bread was very good. Stoped for a visit to the passholder lounge, what a joke. The one at Epcot is so nice, sorry to learn it will close at the end of September. But a CM did say that another one might open in a different location at Epcot in January.
    We went back to the hotel for a cool swim and a rest.
    Tonight we have a PS at Boma at the Animal Kingdom Resort.
    What a awsome looking hotel. We arived about 10 min before our PS and were told 10-15min. Thats fine well 30 min later we are still not seated. We waited almost 1 hour, with a PS. This does not work well for any of us and we are crabby when we sit down. Now we had checked out the menue on Deb Wills site so we knew the offerings. Lets just say that everyone was not happy with the food. The mango dressing for the salad was very good, flank steak yummy. The soups were the best part I tried 3 kinds the pepper pot and chicken/corn were just yummy. We are desert lovers but were not really impressed with the offerings. Looked better than they tasted. Should of had more soup instead.
    Checked out the shop talked to some very nice CM's made some trades, Mac tried to buy some more rocks but J and I were able to stear him away, he got a wooden garaffe instead.
    Head back to the hotel and went to bed and watched the season premeir of Charmed. Very late night it was midnight before it was over.
    Can we rest tomorrow?? Day 6
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    Just read your reports sounds like a great trip so far. Nice to hear that you met so nice people in the park-the one you gave you the ponch. Glad you had a good trip ,can't wait for ours.
  3. KayleeUK

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    Oct 9, 1999
    Sounds like a great day in AK :D

  4. susy

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    We stayed at AKL over Labor Day Weekend and it is an awesome resort!

    Even without EE we stayed onsite for the convenience of the buses (instead of getting into our hot car), since we take breaks every day about 12 or 1pm.

    I know what you mean about the little ones. We usually do the character breakfasts 1 hr before opening ,stay till around noon, then go to our pool! When it's hot , we love to get wet on the rides. My son got soaked on Kali-two times in a row with no poncho, but he never complained of being hot.

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