One Day Itinerary/Sea World Map

Laura's Dad

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Apr 8, 2000
I am going to Sea World with my family for a day while at WDW for Star Wars weekends at MGM. Does anyone have suggestions for a one day itinerary? I would like to see as many shows/exhibits as possible. We do want to ride Kraken (at least twice) and Journey to Atlantis. We will be there at park opening. Also, does anyone know where ther is an internet park map of SeaWorld? Any help would be appreciated.

WDWfan uk

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Aug 21, 1999
Hi there :)
To avoid waiting in line for ages, it would be best for you to arrive for park opening , having picked up your park guide with show times on it, go straight to J to A and Kraken which are next to each other - it is really J to A that has a fast build up (especially on a busy day) However, you can get soaked on this ride - there are lockers available for both rides for valuables and restrooms close by if you need to change soggy clothing.
After riding both, I'd then check your schedule - if it works out, I'd then head for the Sea Lion and Otter Stadium - try to be there a little while before the show to see the mime artist. We enjoy that as much as the show!
Having then consulted your schedule for the Shamu show - either go there if you have plenty of time to get to the stadium early (you need to be early for this show- and there is pre-show so you'll be entertained) via the bridge across the lagoon OR go to the nearest 'show' and make your way methodically around clockwise.
I would not recommend attempting to get to one of the shows at the last minute - we found the key to getting the most from SW is to get to them with plenty of time to spare or you run yourself ragged!