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Earning My Ears
Feb 13, 2001
Can you recommend a NICE off site hotel that has free shuttle service to US? I would stay on site, but don't want to pay more than $130-150 per night for that. One adult/one child staying for two nights.
If you are willing to pay $130, why not stay onsite at HRH? If you ask for the Entertainment rate, there has been post of garden views for $117 and Pool views for $130. Of course you would also have the expense of the entertainment book for $20 to $30 dollars.



Don't forget Deluxe room (500 sq. feet) for $149 entertainment book rate ( go to entertainment.com for the book)

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The following hotels, located along Major Blvd, just across from the Kirkman Road entrance to UO, have free shuttle service.

Radisson Twin Towers (800) 333-3333; (407) 351-1000
Holiday Inn (800) 327-1364; (407) 351-3333
Delta Orlando Resort (800) 877-1133; (407) 351-3340
Sleep inn & Suites (800) 7533-3746; (407) 363-1333

The first three are also within fairly comfortable walking distance (at least for those of us who like to walk).

Hope this helps.

Kelly Monaghan
Author of "Universal Studios Escape: The Ultimate Guide to the Ultimate Theme Park Adventure" and
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HolidayInn KIRKMAN ROAD/ Universal Entrance (NOT HI Universal, which is a mile down the road) Is a 5 minute walk from the entrance. I walked from HRH to the HI as they have a TGI Fridays there. And walked back. It was easy, and faster than the shuttle.
Re rates: HI is 90 to 110 +/- a few $ depending on how you buy. I say, get the entertainment card, and maybe 80 or so a night. There is some hotel cheapy place about 1 mile down the road for $50 a night. Check for ressies on this site's main page links. Most of these places use the star shuttle (bus) service I guess. They all drop you off at a special shuttle stop at the USF/Citiwalk enterance - part of the parking garage area.
After having stayed at HRH and using Front of the Line, I dont think I will EVER, and I mean EVER want to stay anywhere else. My experience at HRH was aweful, but the grounds looked nice, and the FOTL priviledge was invaluable. I went to USF last year on a day pass, and this year with FOTL. I remember how pissed I was at waiting in long lines, and the typical trash who would come up behind you and 'unawares' happen to crowd past you, and others, pushing to the front. "Oh, i didnt realize you were in line" as if I was standing there to inspect the ropes! Nothing makes me feel better about having dealt with offensive people like that than to pay a little more, be a little smarter, and be directed to the front, so they say "gee, how'd he get up there." I'm not telling them!
So: entertainment card to save, many hrh employees are horrible, grounds are beautiful, and FOTL is worth every penny.
During my dates in July.....July 11-14 (w/entertainment discount). Am I missing something?

1st trip in July - Dolphin
If you look up my trip report, you'll see my positive comments Re: Sleep Inn. It is currently listed on www.hotelkingdom.com for under $100 for summer dates. The breakfast was very good and the room was clean and relatively new.

It was NOT walking distance to USF, but the shuttle was conveniently timed and usually empty.

it may cost more to stay onsite but you get more benefits of staying onsite than offsite 1 your in the heart of it all and 2 if you stay at the hrh you'll be the closet to citywalk, us, and IOA

That's just my two cents

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