on site babysitting at PBH


Earning My Ears
Feb 17, 2001
I was wondering if there is an onsite child care facility at Portofino Bay? I will be alone with my son there, and he is a big chicken, so I thought I mught leave him with a sitter just for a bit so I could ride some fo the thrill rides at IOA. If so, is it an extra charge or not? Any information would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
Hi Krussie,

Portofino has a camp for the kids called Campo Portofino. We used the service in December for 2 kids. It was $45 for the first child and $35 for each additional child. Hours may have changed but in December they offered camp from 5P-11P. It included dinner and is offered for kids 4 and over. (Potty trained) My kids loved it. They had books and video games and computers and a large screened TV with tapes. Lots of crafts and they even baked cookies and decorated them. The hotels concierge can also recommend babysitting services in the area for room child care if thats what you would like. In all cases there is a fee for these services.The camp gives you a beeper so you can be contacted if need be. Enjoy! :D

Thanks, Jessica, it sounds like a winner! I can't imagine having these two day passes and missing out on half the fun at IOA. I can sit out at Disney, and do the tame stuff, because I have pretty much done everything there, but I would love to do Hulk, Dueling Dragons, and Dr. Doom. With some extra time, I may even hit The Latin Quarter! :)


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