OMG, I just found out my ressies that start on June 2, are a "special weekend"


Earning My Ears
Jan 6, 2001
Leave it to a country boy like me, I didn't even know they had a "gay day" at WDW. Now I found out my reservations for 8 days, which start on June 2, start on "gay day".
Do any of you have any expierience with this? I like to think none of this will matter concerning my vacation. We were not planning on going into any of the parks till Sunday anyway.
As I understand it from reading on the internet, "gay day" is an annual event which has been going on for 4 or 5 years. Have any of you been to FW during this weekend?
Know what you mean. We have been wanting to use the same dates for years, (the first week school is out here) but with two small children I refuse to go at that time. Sorry I can not help you. Assuming Ville Platte is like Sulphur, we just ain't used to seeing those kinds of sights.

I have been there the last 2 years and we had a blast. It is a friendly group and many are there with there families. If you are uncomfortable just don't go to the MK on Saturday.
My family was not uncomfortable with them and rather enjoyed the jovial atmosphere. I've seen more PDA at Night of Joy and from straight people espcially teens.

Before I made my ressies, I wanted to find out when it was also. So, someone sent me this web site that list's all the activies going on and on what days. Hope this helps

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Last year, we went to Disney World and had no idea that it was Gay Days. When we got to the Transportation and Ticket Center, we started seeing ALOT of red shirts. So we were like, ok wow there is a big group of some sort here. But then we noticed alot of "couples" Hee hee, I have no problem with gay people and thought it was cute. They were all so excited. But the funny was that dh had worn a red shirt that day that looked JUST like the ones they were wearing. He made darn sure to hold my hand and be close to me all day because he said that when he took off to get drinks or something, he got some pick ups...hee hee. They were there pretty much the whole weekend into Monday, but they basically all stuck to one park a day and if you didn't want the crowds, just go to another park. I know this doesn't help much with them being at the FW, but I honestly think besides some late night partying which everyone does, they'll be NO problem at all.
I have never seen anything unusual. We do not go to parks on weekends because of the crowds. We also camped on that weekend. Nothing unusual.

Last year my 17 year old did go to Magic Kingdom, Oops, hehe. I forgot all about the weekend. He did run into crowds. He then just switched parks.



I braved the parks the last 2 years and as a handicapped guest I found them easier to deal with than the crowds during times like Christmas. They are more observant and considerate of people in wheelchairs and ECVs. Basically a fun crowd.
Of course I am used to being around them as both my daughters are musicians and there seem to be more involved in the arts than in some other areas of work.


Only because we had rather small children, (5,2)we were not very comfortable with the little ones seeing same sex hand holding and an occasional peck on the cheek. Fortunately, everyone seemed to have a sense of "decorum" about them, and I have been much more uncomfortable when a newlywed couple was making out in the line to splash mountain (had to stand between the lovebirds and my kids and act like a human shield)!

During that Gayday visit, I did have to deal with my 5 yo son asking "daddy, why are those men holding hands" and questions like that, which I would have prefered not to have to deal with at just that moment... when he was only 5... I and I was on vacation, trying to avoid as many challanges as i could... but on balance it was ok.
I would avoid "gaydays" if I could, but I would not cancel my trip just because it was happening.

You're from Ville Platte, I'm from Tickfaw, and believe me, we've both seen much worse during Mardi Gras!

mb:-) 'o'
Consult the Gayday website for the schedule of events and "zig while the crowds are zagging". Avoid those particular parks on those days and you should have no problem.

We were there during that week in 1998, and honestly didn't notice anything unusual by avoiding the parks on those days. We have no problem with the event, I just didn't want to hit those crowds which can be very large.

And, I have to say, young children probably won't think anything of it if you did see any gay couples. Mom holds her daughter's hand and Dad holds his son's hand, right? If they asked any questions, which I doubt they would, simply tell them those people are holding hands because they love each other.


Don't worry I have been going to Disney for over 10 years starting on May 31st for a week and I have never seen or had a challenge. May 31st is our anniv. so we also go at that time. I will forewarn you not to wear red since Gay Day isn't an actual Disney Sponsored function it's one of the ways that folks with that life style support each other. <BG> I have yet to see a Gay flag guy or girl for that matter leading a tour group around the parks.<BG> The restrooms are usually monitored by plain clothed CM's (and trust me it's not a job they look forward too. Because hey, who wants to hang out in a restroom all day.) And, in general they are very well behaved. I haven't seen any tongues cramming down anyones throats (except for some young hetro-sexuals,) but, you will see some hand holding and close sittings.
This is my opinion, but I will admit I don't have kids and I am not of that lifestyle.
My husband probably has more of a problem with it than I do.LOL! Unless it's two girls! <BG>
Hope this helps...


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