OKW Grand Villas 7-months out, What are the chances?


Owners at BRV/VGF from Kentucky
Dec 11, 2001
I am considering an October 2002 stay at OKW. During this stay I would be bringing my whole family and would have to rent points in addition to using our entire 2002 allotment (don't want to borrow from 2003, stingy I know) . There are 10 of us and I think the Grand Villa at OKW would be our best bet.

Does anyone have experience trying to book a GV at the 7-months ressie window? We own at VWL. Thanks for any helpful info......this site is the greatest!!!
since October is one of the lower point cost periods, it fills up very fast. While things have gotten easier since the free passes ended, October is still difficult.

You do have a chance, but not a very good one.
I waitlisted for 5 nights the end of march, at 5 months out. Within a couple of weeks, I got all 5 nights.
Thanks for the input. We just might give it a shot!

Definitely give it a try. We wait-listed for an OKW GV about 4 months out for Jan 1 & 2 this year. I think that would be a prime time since is it the lowest points but still during the holidays. The wait list came through for us, and we enjoyed our stay at OKW in style!
We just booked (yesterday) a GV at OKW at a little less than 7 months out. While OKW is our home resort we were just able to finalize our plans this past weekend so the 11 month window didn't help us. Now we were a bit flexible on the dates - we had about a 4 week period where everyone was available - and we ended up with the last week possible - but we did get it.

Good luck - and remember there is always the wait list!

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