OKW and PGA golf in October ????



We are thinking of making a ressie during the 10/14 week to take in some of the golf at the Magnolia and Palm courses. I wondered whether the buses will take you from OKW to the tournament sites or what is the best way to get to the sites. I was concerned about the parking etc.
Has anyone ever done this??
I think the tourney is a ticketed event, so you might check on availability for admission. To my knowledge, there is no transportation provided for the event, but a taxi would certainly be available.
Absolutely, Doc. All PGA events are ticketed. I have no idea about availability, or if extra transportation is added for those going to the courses.
My husband and I are thinking of going to OKW the first week in October. When does the tourney start and end?

KyBill - we were staying at SOG (which sits at the juncture of the 2 courses) this October during the tournament and the traffic getting into the resort was horrendous. Increased security post 9/11 may have had a lot to do with it. There was parking on the lower SOG grass as well as across the street by the Poly - but that might have been for VIPs? The MK lot had part of the left hand side being directed to for the golf, so that might be the best bet. You could take a taxi to SOG, but as I said, it sometimes took us 20-30 minutes to get through the gate during the day. SOG employees may be able to help with best ways to get from OKW. Have fun!
We were there Oct 19-26 and the tournament was the 18-21st. It is the National Care Rental Classic (i think!) and I'm pretty sure it is always that 3rd weekend of Oct.
I would thinbk it is easiest to take the bus to the MK and walk from there, can't be more than 10 minute walk. An alternate would be use the resort monorail to the GF and walk over the road.

Possibly the monorail to the Poly as well - the Poly seemed a close walk as well and I do know that some of the veteran SOGers have posted that they have walked to the Poly station.

The PGA tour at Disney begins on Monday 10/14 with practice rounds etc. The tournament itself begins on Thurs 10/17 and ends Sun 10/20.
It is 10/17 - 10/20. We go every year, it's great. Not very crowded even when Tiger was playing. We always purchase our tickets at the gate. Don't forget if you are a DC member or AP holder(1/2 price) you can get a discount. In the past if you are staying on resort, some have their own shuttle to the front gate, or we have taken the bus from our resort to the ticket and transportation center and then got on the shuttle. Either way you cant beat the shuttle.


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