OK People, you need to get on the ball......


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Nov 15, 1999
I just answered 3 or 4 posts with no replies near the bottom of the page! That can be very disheartening you know. I think everyone should try and post something to a zero reply when you log on, just don't cling to the popular posters. Getting off my soapbox now and going to bed!
Yep, take pity on the postless! Nothing worse than no replies.
Yes, you are right. I do try to do this most of the time.

More so on the other boards tho.

As I read the first post I thought it would be so ironic if there were no replies after it, hehe.
Dan, you are the king of pity posts and I love you for it!! :)

I agree. Everyone should break out of their routine and reply to a stranger today...... :) Who knows, you may make a new friend.....
I agree I hate it when I see someone post something and noone reponds!! I try to look for those also!!
Good Morning Kallison.....I also try to do the same thing.....hate when it happens to me...
Bravo Kallison!!
I try to go back 4 or 5 pages and check for those. Sometimes if a question is asked and no one knows it is left, but then gets lost as the board traffic increases.
We certainly don't want anyone not to feel welcome here! :)
I hate to see 0 posts, too.:( For some reason, it doesn't bother me if mine is the one with 0 posts, but if I see someone else's with 0 posts, I like to help them out.
0 posts = :(

Off I go to look for a 0 post thread to bump. :teeth: If I don't return in 24 hours, send out a search party. This ancient little 150 MMX laptop on dial up is a wee bit pathetic when it comes to posting. :(
Originally posted by JasonLyons
when you have a thread with 0 replys, a pitty post is allways welcome

A pity post!! That's a funny saying!!:D :)
Thank you for this post. I have noticed that some people can post about the most trivial things and they will get many replies, while others with a legitimate question go with no answers. Sometimes it seems like it is a popularity thing, the unknown people get no responses. I try to search for the low post counts & reply or at least "bump" them.
Thanks, KALLISON, for the thoughtful reminder:) :) :) :) .

I notice that when I post wire stories concerning sexuality, there's a dearth of replies:( :( :( . I don't believe that the DIS is TOTALLY ASEXUAL (though perhaps close to it;) ;) ). Perhaps people are tooooooooooo embarassed to reply or toooooooooooo angry at me for posting such topics:jester: :jester: :jester:


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