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Nov 14, 2002
I had my whole trip planned...we were going to WDW 2/4-2/8 I had my hotel room (ASMu $55/night), plane tickets and passes.

I just found out today the business trip my Dh was taking 1/24/-1/31 has been moved to 1/28-2/8.

I know I can use my park passes anytime, so that's not a problem. What about my airfare? I've never had to reschedule a flight before...can anyone help me?

ps. We're going 1/20-1/25 now instead if we can rearrange the flight.
You should be able to reschedule your flights, but there will be a charge...anywhere from $25/ticket to $150/ticket. Call the airlines direct and hope for the best.

Don't ya just hate it when stuff like this happens???
You will have to check the "restrictions" of your air fare. If you paid full price for the tickets, probably changing the dates will not cost you extra.
It would be helpful to know what airline you are using. If it is SWA there would not be a charge to change. You would, of course, have to pay the difference if the airfare had gone up.
I just called about changing my tickets and the change fee is $130 per ticket! We only paid $139 for them originally. I don't know what we're going to do, Dh can get out of his trip, but it would be better for his job if he went. Maybe my Mom would like a free trip to WDW :)
your DH's company picking up the cost of the re-schedule? I had some unforseen circumstances come up at work once that caused me to postpone our family vacation, and then Sept 11 happened and my wife refused to get on a plane, so the company picked up the tab for the cancelled plane tickets (the airlines were only offering refunds for Sept flights and we were flying in Oct) We wound up driving down, so so I needed 2 extra days of time off and got it...on top of that my boss gave us a $250 "Night Out on the Town" certificate to use for a nice family dinner, for all the trouble we went through.

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