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    Welcome to the Pandora: The World of Avatar information thread!


    This thread will be all about the new land within Disney's Animal Kingdom from attraction overviews, FP+ reservation info, dining options, and much more.

    An overview of the land
    Opening May 27th, 2017 Pandora: The World of Avatar is an 11-acre themed land/area based on James Cameron's Avatar film series. The original Avatar movie debuted in 2009 and is the highest grossing film of all time. The land was first announced in 2011 with construction beginning in January of 2014, with completion May 27th, 2017. The land takes place after the original movie and the upcoming sequels featuring two major attractions, dining options, floating mountains, bioluminescent plants, and Disney's most advanced Audio Animatronic.

    Backstory of the land, ships, rides, etc.

    History of Pandora development
    In 2011, James Cameron and Disney teamed up to work on Avatar themed attractions for Disney parks. Originally, Avatar was discussed to go into Disney's Hollywood Studios Studio Backlot Tour. Former Disney COO, and Parks and Resorts Chairman suggested to incorporate it into Animal Kingdom. In September of 2011 the deal was officially announced. The land cost well over $500 million with construction beginning January 10, 2014 in the Camp Minnie Mickey area of Animal Kingdom.

    Why Pandora fits in Animal Kingdom


    Pandora Attractions
    Flight of Passage- A flying virtual reality simulator attraction, where guests wear 3D glasses and learn how to ride a mountain Banshee. The ride has four separate theaters and seats in rows similar to Soarin' at Epcot.

    Height Requirement - 44"
    Fastpass+ - Yes

    Na'vi River Journey- A boat ride through the Kasvapan River showcasing native Pandora plant life, bioluminescence, and the Shaman animatronic, Disney's most advanced animatronic ever created. The Na'vi Shaman animatronic featured within this ride will be seated crossed legged along the riverbank of the attraction, if she were to stand she would reach a height of 10 feet.

    Height Requirement - None
    Fastpass+ - Yes

    Valley of Mo'ara- The valley is where your exploration of Pandora begins. It is where you walk under floating mountains, bioluminescence comes alive at night, and see the Pandora plant life glow.

    Walkthrough attraction

    ACE or Alpha Centauri Expeditions is a team of explorers, adventurers, and scientists that are bringing you to the world of Pandora. Marshall Lamm is the founder of ACE and spent time living on Pandora.

    The Drum Circle show has gotten a new life in early 2018 with a revamped show!

    Also check out the all new research suit as part of Animal Kingdom's 20th anniversary April 22nd! This suit has a scientist working it as he talks about the amazing land of Pandora.

    As of April 18th according to BlogMickey.com the bioluminescent walkways are being repainted in advance of the 1 year anniversary of Pandora!



    Extra Magic Hours!
    Both Pandora attractions are open during Extra Magic Hours!

    Details regarding aspects within the land
    Signage for the attractions within Pandora will be limited and the Navi Totem poles will tell guests what attraction they are entering and where they are going within the land. This is to offer a full immersive atmosphere as the real Pandora would not have signage like that.

    Merchandise within the land will only be sold in Pandora, not anywhere else within Animal Kingdom. There will be daytime and nighttime merchandise for guests. Disney branded bags and receipts will not be given out within Pandora. ACE branding will be throughout your adventure.


    Plants and Animals of Pandora

    Direhorse - Large horselike animal seen in Flight of Passage
    Mountain Banshee or Ikran - Large Banshee bird like creature which Flight of Passage is based around
    Viperwolves - Small hyena/wolf like creature, can be seen in your journey on Navi River Journey
    Hammerhead Titanothere - Double the size of an Elephant, not specifically seen in Pandora the land

    Flaska Reclinata - Large interactive plant at the entrance to Pandora
    Baja Tickler - Interior of Flaska Reclinata that you can touch in Pandora
    Bladder Polyp - Small bluish cone like plants that glow at night
    Chalice Plant - large pitcher shaped plant
    Helicoradian - Large spiral plant seen opening and closing in Navi River Journey
    Panopyro - Large pink floating jelly fish like plant seen in Navi River Journey
    Vein Pod - Large oval like plant seen with in the land that glows yellowish at night and has what appears to be veins.

    Wilderness Explorers
    Guests who take part in the Wilderness Explorers attraction will find two new pages of activities in their books that are within Pandora. No details on exactly what those activities are at this time.

    Official Dedication Live Stream May 24th, 2017
    #DisneyParksLIVE Will Stream Pandora – The World of Avatar Dedication Live May 24 at 8:10 a.m. ET

    Opening day procedures!

    May 27th, 2017 Pandora: The World of Avatar opened to the public. Crowds swarmed Animal Kingdom for the highly anticipated land. During this opening the land reached a Phase 3 controlled access closure. During that time only the following guests were allowed in.

    Guests with FastPass+ for Pandora attractions
    Guests with eDASGuests on VIP/DSA tour
    Guests with return times for Avatar Maker
    Guests returning for face paint touch-ups

    Attractions closed to the general guests around 7:00PM (as of May 27th, 2017). Attractions then reopened for resort guests using EMH between 10:30PM and 11:00PM. A line of resort guests using EMH stretched back to the Festival of the Lion King queue.

    Backstory and key details within the land from @Tonyz

    1. The Valley of Mo’ara’s “floating” mountains aren’t exactly floating, but there’s a backstory for that. These mountains were floating but have crash landed onto the ground where they now rest. You can see the water stains from the waterfalls are actually askew, showing what orientation the mountains used to be in before they fell.

    2. How do humans breathe on Pandora? As guests enter the land they encounter a large plant known as the Flaska Reclinata (or Baja Tickler). The plant is interactive and responds to guests touching it. The plant is one of many that helps detoxify the atmosphere, helping humans breathe in the otherwise poisonous air. Smack the glowing insides of the massive plant pod, set up by the Na’vi, and it spews steam and water.

    3. Pandora is filled with lots of real waterfalls, but there are also two fake ones located near the very top of the very back of the land, on the facade for Flight of Passage. They fall slower than real water of that size to make them appear farther away and bigger, selling the idea of forced perspective.

    4. You can find some squirting aquatic creatures in a lagoon opposite Flight of Passage. The aquatic creatures skate around on the surface of the water and if you come close they may feel threatened and spray you. And right behind those squirting creatures, if you look close enough, are some giant bugs.

    5. In front of the Na’vi River Journey, just to the right of the main ride entrance, are a collection of large footprints embedded in the ground. These are full grown Na’vi footprints.

    6. There’s a downed helicopter across a stream, covered in so much moss and vines you may miss it. This is a relic from the battle between the Na’vi and humans now rotting away and reclaimed by nature.

    7. There are blue feather plants called puffball trees, and they get larger by absorbing toxins from their environment. They will burst once they are filled.

    8. Listen to the background sounds: Hear an animal call out on your left and then hear an animal respond on your right. When the sun sets, the wildlife really gets loud.

    9. There are 20-foot-tall woven totems throughout the land to represent different clans of the Na’vi.

    10. As you’re exiting Flight of Passage, in the corridor on the lowest level, you may see three handprints in red paint. These are the handprints and initials of James Cameron, the director of the Avatar film, Jon Landau, producer of Avatar, and Joe Rohde, lead Imagineer for Pandora and all of Animal Kingdom.

    A few for Satu'li Canteen and Pongu Pongu:

    1. A tribal overlay has been given to what appears to be an abandoned, military mess hall, home to Satu’li Canteen, furthering the story of Pandora through setting. There are textiles of an alien tribal nation hanging from beams and standing in corners.

    2. Shelves in the Canteen are filled with Na’vi cookware and utensils. Ten-foot “pillars” stand throughout the restaurant, some with rounded tops, others with more ornate prongs. These are Na’vi tools used for grinding berries and other food items in bowls.

    3. Pongu Pongu (which means Party Party in Na’vi) is decorated with old military parts that have been turned into art. New signs are remade out of old signs that were once used by the military. See animals made from old metal parts. Gears and knives turned into colorful decoration.

    4. At Pongu Pongu you will see a bunch of RDA Identification tags hanging up, and if you look closely you may even see one for Imagineer Joe Rhode.

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    Fastpass+ Information

    Both Pandora attractions listed below will have FP+. You will not be able to reserve both Fastpasses at one time however. Animal Kingdom will have a tiering system where both Pandora attraction are in tier one and you can only choose one of them. Everything else at Animal Kingdom will be in tier two. The FP touchpints DO NOT feature the Mickey Mouse head on them.

    **Important Note** -
    If you are unable to get Fastpasses on your 60-day booking day keep checking! Disney has been releasing more at various times leading up to each day even some day of Fastpasses. There is no rhyme or reason usually they just pop up.

    SINGLE RIDER IS NOT AVAILABLE for Flight of Passage

    Flight of Passage

    Na'vi River Journey

    Flight of Passage rider info

    "Sit as far forward on your chair as possible to get the back restraint where it needs to be...if you're a shorter/average size person, calf size will be a factor. If you're taller and have to sit with your feet in the tip toe position, it'll be inner lower thigh and upper calf dimensions. If you or anyone else you know doesn't fit, I'd recommend taking to guest services... if they receive enough comments maybe they'll go about putting in larger seats for larger riders"

    FastPasser: "I've witnessed and have talked to people having to leave the ride because they couldn't ride. Disney anticipated it and is fully aware of the issue as shown on the sign at the entrance. (The last part has been hi-lighted for clarity.) They are monitoring the situation to see what percentage can not ride."


    Guests wanting to select FastPass+ for Pandora – The World of Avatar will have to choose between either the Na’vi River Journey or Flight of Passage for their initial selections.

    The attractions will be split to prevent guests from securing both with their initial selections. As with any current FastPass+ reservations, after their initial selections have been redeemed, guests will be able to select new attractions, one at a time.

    FastPass+ reservations for Pandora – The World of Avatar opened on March 24th for guests staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel.




    Link to Fastpass+ FAQ

    Throwaway room info



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    Satu'li Canteen - Indulge in the art and culture of the Na'vi while dining inside a former RDA mess hall. Owned and operated by ACE, the Canteen supplies travelers all the comforts of home. Features international inspired cuisine, vegetarian options, and specialty libations.

    Satu'li Canteen no longer serves breakfast
    Lunch and Dinner, 10:30AM-11:00PM

    First Look at Menu for Satu’li Canteen in Pandora—The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

    Full menu and pricing!

    Disney Dining Plan is accepted at Satu’li Canteen but, at this time, Mobile Order only accepts credit cards.

    Mobile Ordering!

    PHOTOS + REVIEW: Mobile Order Brings Seamless Convenience to Quick Service

    New Satu'li Canteen Sampler



    Menu change! (12/3/18)
    Satu'li Canteen Updates Menu; Raises Prices by $1 on Most Items

    Pongu Pongu - A popular drink stand run by an expat who loves Pandora. Pongu Pongu means Party Party in the Na'vi language. Features bioluminescent frozen cocktails, indigenous beers, and sweet snacks.

    Quick Service

    Some Dining Plans accepted

    A Look at Specialty Beverages Exclusive to Pandora—The World of Avatar

    New treats added!



    Note*** Prices on this image are subject to change and since have.

    Tiffins - A signature dining restaurant serving lunch and dinner just outside the entrance to Pandora. It features international inspired cuisine from African, Asian, and Latin cultures.

    Table Service

    Some Dining Plans accepted

    Nomad Lounge - Stop off at this refreshing oasis to discover specialty cocktails and enticing appetizers from all across the globe. Where the globetrotting adventures of the Imagineers and animal experts who developed and built Disney’s Animal Kingdom park are celebrated, Nomad Lounge invites all to stake a claim in their own wanderlust over mouth-watering small plates and a large selection of beer, wine and mixed drinks.

    Dining Plans Not Accepted

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    Windtraders - A transformed RDA structure where you'll find nature inspired items. Discover exotic merchandise and souvenirs celebrating the flora, fauna and culture of Pandora.

    Art, collectibles, apparel, accessories, toys, plush, Magicbands, pins, and vinylmation.

    Colors of Mo'ara - Venture east to the valley to be painted in designs inspired by the Na'vi. Run by local experts, as wild and eclectic as the creatures they paint.

    Some Pandora merchandise is available inside the Island Mercantile outside Pandora





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    Avatar or Pandora products will only be sold within the land and not outside in other shops within Animal Kingdom. There will be daytime and nighttime merchandise. Disney branded receipts and bags will not be given out within Pandora, ACE branding will take over.

    Avatar Me, is a station within the store giving guests a similar experience to when Disney offered guests to become a stormtrooper or Jedi. Avatar Me costs $75 plus tax.


    Banshee Connect will allow guests to be matched with a plush version of the banshee which guests can then take with them. Banshee Connect originally cost $49.99 plus tax. A banshee perch costs around $15. Disney has also released a banshee carrying bag for purchase within Windtraders. This is a high ticket item and could have low stock at times.

    NEW Special Edition Animal Kingdom 20th Anniversary Banshee!
    Celebrate 20th Anniversary of Disney’s Animal Kingdom with ‘I Was There’ Collection on April 22

    NEW Special Edition Pandora: The World of Avatar 1st Anniversary Banshee!
    PHOTOS: First Anniversary Banshee Flies Into Windtraders at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

    Prices have increased to $59.99 plus tax.

    Na'vi translator

    Collectible Pandora Pins


    Navi Magicband
    An Open Edition Na’vi Avatar Skin MagicBand is coming

    Pandora Press Event Magicband
    Invited media are starting to receive special event Pandora MagicBands

    Pandora Map




    Aerial photos of Pandora 4/11/17



    View attachment 234073




    Old drum show

    New drum show

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    DIS Media Preview review

    Len Testa's Review


    LA Times Review

    WDWInfo Pandora Page

    REVIEW: Initial Thoughts from Inside Pandora – The World of AVATAR at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

    Kevin Yee MiceChat
    Pandora – The World of Avatar Impresses But Still Comes Up Short

    TIME Magazine Recognizes Pandora - The World of Avatar as Best of the Best
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    Great job as always. Thanks rteetz.
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    Maybe in the dining section we include reference to Tiffins for those looking for a sitdown experience? It's not actually *in* Pandora, but apparently the views will be nice, and it is just across the river. Plus, we know it was built with Pandora in mind.

    (How long until the nay-sayers invade this thread as well?)
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    Great job finding the map - that's the first one I've seen with that much detail.

    Hard to tell where the entrance is for 'Flight', unless it's coincident with the exit. (The latter, surprisingly, leads to the gift shop!)

    Looks like four separate banks of banshees, which I see was described as "Soarin ride" :magnify:. Hope that helps with capacity.
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    Oct 18, 2014
    Just watched the movie yesterday,wasn't going to matter anyway since I think it's a great fit, but I see now why it makes sense.
    I remember when AK first opened and the Safari had a similar theme with the poachers...
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    It does look like another entrance near Lion King will happen
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    Thanks, Ryan/@rteetz, for consolidating all the info into this *official* thread! :thumbsup2 As the DIS' Pandora expert, you did an amazing job!!
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    So when do you think they will start a 'soft opening' to get in practice for the official opening?
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    @cigar95 has info and Pandora trial runs may begin as early as next month for AP and DVC guests.
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    So it's a definite yes on FPs for the rides? I must have missed something. What's the new news?
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    There will be FPs but no one knows when they'll be available in the FP system.

    Over on the FP subforum, there's been discussion and speculation regarding if FPs become available at 30 days out so that AP, onsite, and offsite guests have the same opportunity to book FPs.

    FEA FPs did open 30 days out and the system didn't crash as it did with 7DMT.
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    Thanks! I will be on the lookout then. We are there on the 29-31, and I know we will absolutely need FPs.
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    Thanks rteetz for confirming in the "where is Pandora" thread there will be an actual "pedestrian tunnel" under the road for the "Pandora to Harambe Theater District Walkway".

    That is going to be so cool!

    Do you think Disney will "theme" the walkway to Pandora theme or to Harambe theme or do you think there will be a gradual change in theme?

    I was thinking how cool it would be for the Pandora bioluminescence to be used in the Tunnel!Thanks.:)
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    how will AP be able to view this early? Is it random as you are walking around AK and they ask if you are an AP and take you?? Or do they send an email invite kind of thing? (as based on previous new ride previews)

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