October at Vero and/or Hilton Head


Earning My Ears
Feb 8, 2002
We own at BWV but are thinking of going to Hilton Head or Vero in October. Is it still warm enough to swim in the ocean at that time. Also, has anyone had any problems with bugs at Vero?
October is a great time to go to Vero. The only caution is that you are still in hurricane season so there's the possibility of a storm intefering with plans, but we can never predict the weather. :)
As PamOKW mentioned weather is an unknown variable. A cold front could dip down to HHI in October. Or a late season hurricane could disrupt everything. We stayed at HH in late October '00 and had very good weather. The ocean was still warm enough to enjoy. The pools are heated so that is not a problem. Restaurants are easy to get into at that time of the year at HH.
We've been to HH twice in late October. I'd recommend that you ask when they plan to do the scheduled maintainence at the beach club and pool. Both times we've found that they had shut down the food service and one time the lounge room was closed and the pool heater off.

It's their off season and they don't have many guests - but you wouldn't want to be surprised.
We enjoy Vero in October. Although it is usually warm in October, it was a bit chilly this year when we were there at the end of October. However, the water was very warm-warmer than it ever gets where we go swimming in the summer! We have never had a problem with bugs at Vero -we have always gone in October or December though so it may be different in the summer.
Weather is always a variable - we always go to HH the first week of Nov. Three years ago it was very chilly. We only got in the ocean once (the kids just had to), but the heated pools we wonderful. In 2000, the weather was fabulous - mid 80's every day. So it's hard to tell. Even with the chilly weather, there was plenty to do and it was a great week.

I've not been to Vero, but complared to HH, my parents did not care for it as much. Of course, that's their opinion - you may love it!

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