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  1. Bricket

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    Mar 24, 2008
    I’ve always wanted to go to Disney in Nov for the Christmas spirit that is not in the month of December.
    But what will we be missing by going in Nov instead of Dec?
    Really looking forward to the pretty decor! Also the party! Hoping for a wee bit cooler weather, is that possible for Florida in Nov?
  2. CynBeth

    CynBeth DIS Veteran

    Apr 17, 2011
    Most of the hotels do not get decorated until sometime during Thanksgiving Week. Also, the storytellers start the Sunday before and this year the Candlelight Processional begins on the day of the holiday instead of Black Friday. We have been for a few Thanksgiving trips and a few the beginning of Dec and the weather was pretty much the same. It was a little cool in the morning and at night but was in the 70s or 80s during the day with little rain.
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  4. DCLPrincess

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    Jul 5, 2018
    I went the second week of November. MK and HS were full Christmas. AK and Epcot and no Christmas. None of the resort gingerbread was up yet. The weather was 80s all week.
  5. Dolphindee

    Dolphindee Mouseketeer

    Mar 14, 2011
    We went the week before Thanksgiving in 2015. We got to see the very end of Food & Wine Festival and the beginning of the decorations of Epcot, the Gingerbread house at GF and carousel at BC, the Christmas party at MK. Overall we loved it...the weather was nice and we got plenty of Christmas Spirit.

    This year, however, we are going the last week of November, checking in the Sat after Thanksgiving. As I was standing in Epcot on our second to last day in 2015, I saw the beginnings of the Candlelight Processional Set and the stands and decided right then and there that I would be back, with a gluhwein in hand and watching that show.

    So, if you think this may be your one and only Christmastime there, you may want to consider the week after Thanksgiving (we check out on December 1) so you get the full Epcot experience, but if you are cool with everything except the Epcot experience then I suggest the week before Thanksgiving because you get most of the Christmas experience. Either way the crowds are on the lighter side. I think the weather is decent either way, on average, for Florida...warm but not crippling hot.

    Have fun planning!!!
  6. gharter

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    May 3, 2004
    We have gone the week of Thanksgiving several times. The crowds were not as bad as expected.
    The resorts were all decorated as were the parks.
  7. chelseabun76

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    Aug 12, 2014
    All I care about is the castle lights. Any other Christmas decorations will be a bonus. :) (I'll be there Nov 8-17 so I know I won't see the full on Christmas everywhere but my main goal is taken care of!)
  8. EdnaMarieMode

    EdnaMarieMode DIS Veteran

    Jul 16, 2018
    We went from November 11-17 a few years ago. There was A LOT of Christmas going on already at that point. The gingerbread house at the Grand Floridian was up, as well as chocolate sculptures at the Contemporary. Disney Springs had mostly all holiday window displays. Magic Kingdom had holiday decorations (wreaths and garlands) on Main Street and in most of the shops. The Christmas tree was up at the entrance to MK, and the garden area at the entrance had pointsettias shaped like Mickey. The TTC had towers of pointsettias up everywhere. The Christmas tree and decorations were out at BOG. The Christmas tree was up at the entrance to HS, and there were garlands and lights up on the buildings. Epcot didn't have much going on but I suspect that was mainly due to Food & Wine going on (and there was plenty to see for that). We skipped AK so I'm not sure what it looked like.

    ETA Weather: It was hot all week (80-90) and CM's were remarking that it was unusually warm.
  9. merry_nbright

    merry_nbright DIS Veteran

    Jan 10, 2016
    I went the week before Thanksgiving in 2016 and am going back that same week this year! All the trees at the parks were up, as was the Gingerbread House at the grand!
  10. chalee94

    chalee94 <font color=green>I thought all sand was ground up

    Aug 14, 2006
    Ideally, I like going in late November when Thanksgiving is early so you can get a full week of November after the week of Thanksgiving. That gets you the full Christmas experience with the lowest crowds IMO.

    The week before the week of Thanksgiving typically has slightly better weather but you miss out on some of the Christmas decorations and activities.

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