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    My friend John and I went to WDW Dec 11-17 on free dining. Today I saw several posts complaining about counter service food and burgers, so I thought I would stop by here and tell what we had on the ddp at our cs meals.
    We arrived on Friday the 11th. We had ADRs for Biergarten for supper, but were hungry, so we went to Sunshine Seasons and split a rotisserie chicken dinner with an extra dessert. It was wonderful and just enough to tide us over till dinner.
    On the 12th we were at DHS and only snacked other than a late lunch at 50sPTC. We also ate at Disapalooza that night, but was included in the price.
    Sunday the 13th we did AK, so lunch was at Flame Tree. We both had those wonderful ribs. I got the key lime mousse and John the chocolate.
    Monday was our first MK day. We did lunch at Columbia Harbor House. I had the shrimp and John had chicken fingers and fries. Both were terrific. Dinner that night was the best seat in the house at the 9:30 HDDR.
    Tuesday we were back at MK for the day plus the MVMCP that evening. We hit the Main Street Bakery for an ice cream sandwich at rd and got a lot of teasing about making them look bad from parents who had told their kids no(people still do that?). We did lunch at Cosmic Rays, and both had the ribs/chicken combo. This is the meal we should have split, but com'on, don't touch the big guys ribs. Besides, supper was a reuben and fries at The Plaza, oop, so no dessert.
    Wednesday we were back at Epcot and just both needed a Mexican food fix. I was afraid of the new menu; I really loved the plato combinacion. But I got the burritos and they were pretty good. John loved his nachos. Dinner was Le Cel, and I tried the veal t-bone, yum.
    Thursday was getaway day and after breakfast at Pizzafari we had 1 cs credit left and 1 dessert left, so we hit split tree again and split the pork. This time I got the chocolate and John got the key lime. The pork was as good as the ribs, but splitting it made it a small meal, not that that could hurt us.
    That's a full week of counter service and not one burger, not a hot dog, and not a nugget. And I personally love all those things, but at the World, I can do better.
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    We plan on eating at a lot of those places in 2 weeks, so thanks for the great reviews.:thumbsup2
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    There is alot of variety you just have to know where to look or look at the menus ahead of time. Every place has something different to offer. I had chicken salads all week for lunch but each place i went to had a bit of a variation to them so it wasnt all the same. Even at the buffets i ate a few things i dont normally eat at home and found alot of healthy options.
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    thanks for your great reviews and YOU know that we dont have to have a burger at disney if we dont want to. I love the food at Cosmic Rays and have always had some good CS foods...
    thanks again

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