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    Jun 21, 2005
    Hoping this is the right folder to post this under...

    Just got a call from my Travel Agent that I have to change my travel dates for upcoming October trip due to Northwest Airlines...not because of the strike but because they are cutting back flights at my "small" airport (got the newspaper the same time she called and it was the front page story!). She gave me the option of either leaving a day earlier or a day later...I choose the day early, so now we're leaving on a Saturday instead of a Sunday and coming back on Thursday instead of Friday. I'll also be able to keep my PS as I only made reservations for the first 4 nights - now I'll just move the last open night of dining to the first night we're there. Whew!!

    Anyway, just wondering if anyone is encountering this problem or having Northwest troubles due to the strike?

    P.S. We choose to leave Saturday so we'd be back in time to pick up my pug Max :pug: before the weekend as the vet closes at noon Saturday and doesn't open again until Sunday! He, he!!!

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