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    I did have some very nice things happen. First of all, we started our weekend trip off by meeting a Cardinal baseball player because he was on our plane. Then when we went to Animal Kingdom we got to meet Anthony Geary from General Hospital the soap opera. Then a very nice lady gave my aunt and I a pair of fast passes. The that evening we went to Magic Kingdom and rode several of the rides and about 10:30 we went to ride space mountain. When we finally got on the ride and began to go up the lift the ride stalled. Someone had taken to long to get out of one of the cars and tripped the fail safe causing everything to stop. The ride operator came down and explained what had happened and told us that we could ride it with the lights on which he said is almost never done and few people get to do it and he said that when the lights were turned back off we could re-ride it again. This was so much fun. The next day we went to Universal for Beer Fest and stayed one night at the Royal Pacific, it was alot of fun. We were upgraded at the Royal Pacific to Concierge and it was beautiful and saved us a few bucks on breakfast and drinks. On our return day home we went to the airport and when we got there we found out the flight had been oversold by over 10 people. They we asking for volunteers to take the next flight with guaranteed seats. My aunt and I took them up on this and for our trouble we were given first class seats, 300 dollar travel voucher, lunch, and a stay in a hotel in st. louis. In addition, because we had stayed over we got the added bonus of meeting several of the stars at the airport.

    We got to see the stars that play:

    Kendal Hart
    John McBain
    Robin Scorpio
    Jessica Buchanan
    Luke Spencer
    Dixie Martin

    and a few others. We were able to take a few pictures and get autographs. All of them were very nice and willing to take photos and do autographs.

    Was my weekend full of wishes, yes they were. Just because they weren't wishes by disney did not make everything that happen any less wonderful.

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    Wow, that sounds like a wonderful weekend with lots of unexpected treats. :)

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