No Fireplace....Where to hang Christmas Stockings?


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Jul 17, 2002
Hi everyone!

We don't have a fireplace so we hang our stockings off the island in the kitchen.

For those who don't have a mantel, where do you hang your stockings? Looking for sugestions so maybe I can move our stockings out of the kitchen...

We have a bookcase in our living room that we set the stocking hangers on and hang the stockings from them. We have a fireplace, but no mantel.
Before I got a house with a fireplace, we used to hang them on the staircase. :flower:
Some people here stated on another thread they used a stocking hanger. It looks like a coat rack for stockings.

We just lay them under the tree.
This is our first Christmas in our new house and since we don't have a fireplace or mantle, I'm planning on hanging them up our stair/ladder up to our loft space with a splash of garland. :)


We also hang ours on the staircase. I think it looks so pretty. I think I'd do it this way even if we had a mantel.

I wrap the stair banister with greenery. Then I take pretty red holiday ribbon and use it to tie each stocking to the banister. The stockings hang perfectly and the ribbon looks great against the greenery. pic...wish I had a picture....
I have a console stereo (old 60's style) and I layed down fake snow and put up a village on the top, then put the stockings on the edge...I think it looks pretty :)
Although, I'd wish for a fireplace for effect anyday :)
We don't have a fireplace or a mantle *pout* so we just hang ours on the wall with pushpins
We used to hang them on our Entertainment Center. We moved to a house with a fireplace, but no mantle, it's stone all the way up to the ceiling. Looks like it's back to the Entertainment Center! :laughing:
We hang them with the 3M sticky hooks right on the wall. After the holidays the hooks come right off with no marks on the wall!! They are hanging over a love seat right next to the tree. Looks GREAT!!

Have a magical Disney Day!!
every year we've hung the stockings on the wall w/ push pins... this year I think I will try the bookshelf...thanks for the idea but we only have one book shelf and probably only fit 2 stockings...guess the other 2 will have to go back to the wall
LOL we've got a mantle and it's covered with tiki mugs! I wouldn't dare hang the stockings up because little miss DD3 is very *ahem* adventurous ;)

In years past, though, we didn't have a mantle so we pretty much hung the stockings on the wall. This year we'll be shlepping them out and sticking them under the tree :)
Growing up, we hung ours along the staircase. Now, I have a quilt rack/shelf from Home Interiors, that I've hung at about mantle height, from which I hang them.
We have a mantle, but it is has rounded edges and the stocking hangers don't work well. So, I am making a hanger out of a landscape timber. It will be painted to look like a snowman and the stockings will hang on his "arms". :teleport:
For those of you who hang stockings on the wall.....Do they hold up pretty well? I mean I put stuff in our stockings so they might be a tad bit heavy.

diznee25 said:
For those of you who hang stockings on the wall.....Do they hold up pretty well? I mean I put stuff in our stockings so they might be a tad bit heavy.

We put ours on the wall, but we hung them up empty. Santa takes them down to fill them, then puts mine & DH's under the tree & puts our DD's with her presents.
We have shelves that look like crown moulding (click here for pic from Pottery Barn) and we are going to get stocking holders (click here to see them) to put on the shelf and hang the stockings from. Then I'll decorate the shelf with tree garland and maybe a couple of candles, it will end up looking similar to a mantle.


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