No car!


Earning My Ears
Feb 6, 2002
Hi guys,

I'm stayin at the All Star Movies Resort in September and have a few questions about the WDW Transport System...

1) How often are the buses between the parks from my resort?

2) Am I gonna be ok using the WDW transport system?

3) Are taxi's expensive or an easier option?

4) How do I get to Universal and Sea World?

I'd appreciate it if someone could get back to me on this... cheers guys! :o)
Ive been to disney three times and each time was without a car. I just wasnt comfortable driving overthere.

We have only stayed on-site once which was at the CBR and bus service from there was great. Im not sure how often the run but there is a poster in the 'bus shelter' saying how often a bus will come for each park - no longer than a 15 min wait i think.

Regards to sea world and us, i would give mears a call. they are a local taxi firm that run shuttle buses to all attractions and shopping malls but only go to certain parks on certain days so its worth giving them a call when you arrive so that you can plan ahead.

the only time we used a taxi on site was when we had a late meal at the Cal Grill and the hotel called it for us and was a good price.

When you say to people the your not driving in Disney they think that you are mad, but i really do prefer it & its no hassel.

Anything else. just ask

P.S. if you need airport transfers ive heard that tiffany town cars are really good.
I've always stayed at the All Stars and never had a car. Always found the bus service excellent. When we've went to Universal Studies, Seaworld etc.. we used Mears. I think it was $10 per person (round trip).

You'll be fine with WDW transportation. Never had long to wait for the buses at the resort.
If there is anything else you would like to know send me a private message.
Staying on Disney you will find the transportation system fantastic. You will be able to go anywhere on Disney for free.

Getting off Disney is another matter!! Taxi bills can add up to more than a car can.

Try posting on the UK forums and you will get loads of help.

I have only done it once without a car and said never again. I have been three times since and always had a car, even staying on Disney.
We've stayed on site 6 times now and have never had a car - we just don't like driving outside the UK. We've never had problems with buses on site at Disney and not having a car has never stopped us venturing outside Disney. We always go to Universal (and now Islands of Adventure) and Sea World with Mears, they have coaches that do pick-ups from the hotels in the area, you just ring up Mears and arrange the time you want, we also go to Florida Mall and Beltz but usually use taxis as we never know what time we're going to finish - we just take a note of the taxi tel. no. and call from a pay phone when we're ready to be picked up. (Just go down to guest services at the Disney hotel and they'll call a cab for you). We've also used taxis to go from Disney resort to Disney resort if we're eating at another hotel as using the internal transport system can be long winded. Overall it's up to you whether you get a car or not, you'll always get differences of opinions about what to do but personally speaking the 6 times we've stayed on site we've never had any problems.


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