No Adult Beach for Us!!


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Nov 22, 1999
Gasp!! I broke with tradition on cruise #18...didn't make it to the adult beach! (Well, we sort of did, as we had massages). We were heading there when hubby mentioned (for the millionth time over the course of all our cruises) how much he wants to try parasailing. I told him that if they had times available, he should go for it. Turns out they had an 11 o'clock slot (it was around 10:45), so he signed up and we made arrangements to meet at Cookies. I hiked down to the far end of the family beach (about 2/3 of the way down), and even tho' it was rather late, I found two chairs under an umbrella and set up camp. The far end around the curve was virtually deserted, but I didn't mind being in the midst of people. The water wasn't too crowded, as I was near the play structure which was attracting all the kids to it, so I spent a very pleasant 45 minutes swimming and relaxing in the cool, clear water. After lunch, it was time for our cabana massages, but we didn't have time to stay at the adult beach as we headed back for the "Disney Dreams" matinee (I did run over and dip my toes in the water). But I just wanted to let other adults know that, although the adult beach is heavenly, you can have an enjoyable day even if you stay with the crowd. Sometimes I like to bask in the energy of a lot of was a really nice little change of pace. And I was really impressed by some of the sandcastles kids were putting togther!!
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I have to admit that when I saw your subject, the first thing I thought was that the Surial Bath had lived up to it's commercial reputation and you and Tony had a bundle of joy on the way ;)

Glad to hear you two had as much fun as every other time :)



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