NJ people-need help getting good price for van to Newark airpt.


Feb 3, 2001
I already posted this on the transportation board and am hoping that you budget wise people have some ideas. We are going to Disney next Friday!! We live in Montville, NJ and will need a large limo or van to go to Newark airport and then a pickup on the way home. We are 7 people-4adults,3 small kids.All of the companies I have contacted are double the amount that the limo service is charging in Orlando. In NJ, I am getting rates of more than $200. Please help!!My email is aigjr@aol.com

I don't live in your area but I am familiar with limo prices up there and the price you quoted does not seem out of line at all to me for your area, especially since your group is too big for a standard sedan (town car). How much would it cost to take two cabs?
Goofyandmore- I have lived in NJ for 2 years and we use empire limo for a town car. They are a corporate service but did let me pay privately on my Amex csrd and gave me the corporate rate of $85. Some of my neighbors have used Chariot's of Hire with generally good luck and they had no corporate rate and were charged the same fee. Of course you are expected to pay a tip. $200 for RT Montville to Newark is a standard price(I live in the next town over from you). If I couldn't stomach the large bill, I would drive in and park in long-term parking($8/ day) or check into TravelSheryl's advice and find out the van rate from a cab company. Be sure you get a return confirmation number and contact tel. number from whoever you use. Good luck! I feel your pain :)
Getting to the airport in NJ can be very expensive! The problem with 7 people is that you need a 10 passenger limo.

I think the parking suggestion is a good one. You could drop off people and luggage at the curb & go park the car(s).

If you don't want to leave your car all week, you could consider a car rental. I'm not sure where you are located, but I checked prices to rent a minivan one way from Princeton to the airport & even without any discounts it was around $120 (from hertz) this Friday.

There are also van services/airport shuttles from my area. They are $22 pp + tip.
We live off PW Exit 105 and the standard rate is $150 to $200 to Newark Airport and that is not for a stretch, just a big sedan. Regarding parking at Newark, Lots D & E on the monorail are $12/day. Lots G & H with bus service are $8/day.


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