Nine Dragons dinner 08/11/07

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reviews' started by Luv2Roam, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. Luv2Roam

    Luv2Roam DIS Veteran

    Jun 3, 2000
    We have not dined at 9 Dragons for awhile, so it sounded good for a change. :banana:
    I made an ADR a little over an hour in advance. :goodvibes
    Upon arrival we were promptly seated. The restaurant was maybe half full at best. There were quite a few large parties in the middle table areas.

    We both drank (unsweet) Chinese Jasmine Green Iced Teas. :woohoo: The drinks were so good after being out in the awful FL heat and humidity.

    We ordered the sampler for two. For our selections we both chose the Shanghai Won Ton Soup. For our main course we ordered Honey-Sesame Chicken and Cantonese Sweet and Sour Pork.
    And was followed up by our dessert choice of caramel ginger ice cream. :love:

    All the food was yummy. We both said a few times how fresh everything tasted. It wasn't so much that it was different that you might have at any good chinese restaurant. But it was obvious everything had a good, fresh flavor to it. It was a real welcome.

    They really have some interesting looking dishes too, like the Salad in a Vase.
    DH wants to return and try some different dishes. Everything looked really yummy, and it smelled great even as soon as we were walking through to be seated.

    The portions were just the right size. We did not even quite finish everything and walked away plenty full.
    The service was very good.
    By the time we were leaving 9 Dragons was nearly completely full, that I saw. It did not take long for it to fill up and they seem to be able to seat many.

    We won't wait so long to return. :hourglass
    And I type this as I try to eat my sweet almond pretzel from the Norway bakery and drink my Mickey Blend coffee. :laughing: No Disney spirit here. :rotfl2: :surfweb:
  2. Wilson.dvc

    Wilson.dvc Mouseketeer

    Jul 29, 2007
    Thanks for the post! We'll be eating there in a little more than a week... can't wait!
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  4. FirstMagic

    FirstMagic Mouseketeer

    Sep 3, 2003
    I don't see many reviews for Nine Dragons, thanks for taking the time to review your meal there for us! That Salad in a Vase does sound interesting, and pretty! I've glanced in the window of the restaurant as I've passed it on my way out of World Showcase after Illuminations and the restaurant looks beautiful inside, glad to hear you enjoyed your dinner.
  5. snoopywoodstockus

    snoopywoodstockus Mouseketeer

    Aug 3, 2006
    DW and I dined there last year in October and loved it. We are booked for dinner during our December trip already.
  6. Schucraig

    Schucraig Disney World is my World!

    Jan 30, 2004
    Thanks for the review!:thumbsup2
  7. Minniespal

    Minniespal <img src="

    Jan 14, 2003
    Excellent as always, thanx for posting.

    I'd take your hot, humid Floridian weather anytime. It's dull and raining here in Glasgow, Scotland.
  8. wilma-bride

    wilma-bride <<This space intentionally blank>> Moderator

    Jul 13, 2005
    Thanks for the review - 9 Dragons sounds like a good option if you like Chinese food then :thumbsup2
  9. AussieAngel

    AussieAngel DIS Veteran

    Apr 26, 2006
    I love the sound of Nine Dragons! I think it sounds great! You can't go wrong with yummy Chinese food.

    The only thing I'm not that excited about is the dessert. Is there only ice-cream to choose from, or something a bit more exciting? Or is the ice-cream amazingly delicious? Hmm...
  10. Luv2Roam

    Luv2Roam DIS Veteran

    Jun 3, 2000
    We had the sampler dinner for two. There were two different desserts to choose from. The ice cream sounded good as it was so dang hot outside. Plus we had eaten that ice cream before and knew it is really good. It did just hit the spot perfect. Wish I had some now! :rotfl:
    I think they serve that ice cream outside at the counter service. Either that or at the Food & Wine Fest at a kiosk. We both knew we had eaten it not too long ago. (Well, 6 months or so ago.)
    They probably had other desserts. But I don't recall what the menu listed and if the unofficial site menus are accurate or not.
    Our meal really was yummy. Not excellant by any means. But it really seemed a great choice for us that night.
    And there is something about good chinese restaurants and their sticky rice. Just rice. :confused3 But perfect rice. :love:
    Even the sauces were not extraordinary. But the meat had a good flavor too.

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