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Feb 27, 2001
Is it worth taking and Slime Time Live :rolleyes:

Universal Studios Flordia, Hard Rock Hotel Watch out I'm comming August 2001
We didn't get tickets for Slime Time as I had heard that you have to queue for ages and then the filming can get quite boring but we did go on the Nick Studio tour. It was great and the kids loved it. There was lots of interaction for the kids and the adults and we had great fun.
How do you get tickets for this and is the tour a seperate ticket? We are going to US/IOA in Oct. and my grandkids would love to get slimed! I figured the chances are pretty slim.
Slime Time has been on Monday - Friday and you have to queue for the tickets although I'm not sure what time they give them out.

The Studio Tours go on throughout the day and at each tour they give one child the opportunity to get slimed. They also play loads of games where the other kids get a chance to take part.


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