Newark-Orlando airfare??


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Feb 2, 2002
I'm looking to book for June 2003. So far Delta has a non-stop for $211.00. Just curious, has anyone done any better than this. I've never booked this early and don't want to miss a future better price.
I've booked Delta for as low as $110.00 per person round trip Newark/Orlando. However, I haven't done better than $165.00 per person in the last year! I'm watching & waiting & also checking flights out of LaGuardia. We've flown out of there before & if you use a towncar service it's not bad (We live in Middlesex County)..........but, I'd prefer the convenience of Newark.
I also am close to Newark, but haven't found any flights to my liking. There are some strange connections and the departure times for the lower fares are not the best. I am considering Spirit out of AC. I just read the parking is gated and only $3.50 a day, so it might be worth a two hour drive.
I purchased my tickets for EWR to MCO on 11/13/2002 for a 1/29 departure $211 RT non-stop on Continental. Yesterday they went down to $175 RT on Continental. I can't request a credit voucher without paying the $100 change fee per ticket. Delta is now matching the $175 RT. I paid $155 RT for a early Dec trip. Getting good non-stop fares out of Newark is like playing roulette..... but it is the closest airport for us (also Middlesex County)..
So I guess the moral of this story is keep checking!! Newark is my first choice since I'm only 15 minutes away and love the Monorail parking lots. Its to convenient to consider another airport . I think I'll hold off booking and do the nightly check. I'd welcome any finds on airfare that anyone comes up with. It just burns me to pay the same as flights that come all the way across the US!

We have flown out of LaGuardia the last several years, basically because the fares there were always cheaper than Newark. We also found strange times, and less non-stop direct flights when we were looking. We are flying the beginning of July, and have a fare of $182 on Delta, direct non-stop out of LaGuardia. (This is on a 757 as compared to the 737's that are used on Delta Express out of Newark.) We booked it in October. The equivalent at Newark at the time was over $200. (Now it is $237)

From where we are, both Newark and LaGuardia are about the same mileage. Only difference is a few more dollars in tolls to LGA. We really like LGA, and our flights have always been on time. Last year we had an even better fare of $167, but I booked that one in August for the following June. I know you feel more comfortable flying out of Newark, but don't close out the possibility of getting a great fare out of LGA!:teeth:

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hi lsyorke! i'm right next door to you in Westfield and we just bought into DVC in 2002. With 2 little kids, I only fly out of EWR and it has to be nonstop. That leaves Delta or Continental. We are planning a june trip too. The best I've seen for decent times is $211 (incl. tax). If you're willing to do very early morning or late evening out and back it comes down a little, but to us getting the kids up and out at 6am is no fun! We went EWR to MCO last sept which is not peak season and our rt was $189 (incl. all taxes), so all in all 211 is not that bad. I had booked that last Feb. The fare did go down a little ($15) after that but not for the flights I wanted. My strategy like yours is to check every day, but probably come mid Feb I'll book. As someone else mentioned at least from EWR the fare doesn't really go down that much, but can go up quite a bit.
If I spot something great, I'll give a post here
I've been checking rates for both EWR & LGA (non-stop flights) daily for Easter week & end of August. Delta wants $80.00 per person more for Easter week out of EWR than LGA, and $40.00 more for end of August. We also have two kids (16 & 5) and prefer the convenience of EWR, but for $320.00 I'll go out of LGA. My towncar service that I usually use only charges an additional $20.00 RT for LGA; that's an extra $300.00 in my pocket, not Delta's. Continental's prices were just ridiculous!!!

That's exactly why we have been using LGA the last couple of years! And I agree, Continental's fares out of Newark are ridiculous!!:rolleyes:

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"i'm right next door to you in Westfield "

Howdy neighbor!! There are quite a few DVCR's in this area. Its always nice to hear from people closeby. So far $211.00 is looking like the best I'm going to get. I admit, I'm fussy about flight time. I prefer the 2:50 flight down and a noon flight back and non stop is a must!
Let me know if you see anything good.


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