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Aug 14, 1999
I don't know if you already know about this, but there's a Disney Character Shop at Woobury Common Factory Outlets in Harriman. It's not run by Disney, but it's their merchandise from the Disney Stores and the Theme Parks.

As I was leaving, they were putting out the 2000 ribbon dancers pin for $1.00. They also had the Animal Kingdom $12.50 dangle pin for $2.99, and a 2001 Mickey pin for the same price.

They had all sorts of beanies for $2.99, lots of clothing, hats, candles, all sorts of stuff.

I didn't buy any pins, but I walked out with 75 items for $118.00!!!!!:D :D :D :D
If you want to bring them for trading at the parks.

People were filling up the CM lanyards w/ them all last summer, and fall...they were on sale
down here too, and people came to the parks w/ bags of them...It just ruined it for everyone

They used to have books at the pin stations w/ pins in them for trading, but certain familys would
come in, and if the CM wasn't watching they would take every pin from the book and replace
them w/ those ribbon eventually the books were taken away..

So please don't bring them back...They have boxes of them down here that they don't use on the
CM lanyards...I think they even sent some to CA.

So please help us keep our parks ribbon pin litter free.... thank you, thank you, thank you

Thanks for the heads-up. I havent been to Woodbury in a while, I was going to go to the Crossings in PA., on Saturday. But I think I'll pay NY sales tax instead now. Can you tell me what section its in, or what stores its near?
Thanks for the Ribbon Dancer's warning.;) As I said, I avoided the temptation and left the pins for someone else.

The store is near the Adidas & Casual Corner outlets. The Hard Rock Store is also in the same vicinity.

I gave up on Woodbury a long time ago. I'm so glad that I had to meet my sister there today. It was very worthwhile.
Thanks. Im actually going to go tomorrow instead of Saturday. I start a new job on Wens. and its completely casual dress code- so I have to go shopping anyway. Maybe I'll luck out at Eddie Bauer like I did last trip there.


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