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Jul 10, 2000
Yesterday I took a deep breath and made a bid on Priceline for the first time. All I can say is, WHY did I wait so long? I got tickets on United Airlines from Seattle to Orlando for just $225 per person, almost HALF of what it would have cost to book the flight through them direct.
Emboldened by That success I put in several bids and was able to get an economy car with Alamo for $100 less than book rate.
If you can be flexible with your departure and arrival times Priceline would seem to save you Big bucks! :D

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I agree! I use them just about eveytime we travel. We are going to WDW in July and got airline tix for $131!

We went to MD last weekend for my Godchild's b-day and did priceline for our hotel. Got a Days INN for $30 (regular price $75 yuck!)Only 1 star hotels in the vicinity!

I am planning a weekend in Boston and will do Priceline again! It will be fun!

If you are willing to be flexible and not particular about what 4star hotel you get, it is the only way to travel!

Glad it worked out!

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momzilla, what are your travel dates? Is your trip during Spring Break?

There are free bonus money offers available on the Priceline bidding board that I host. Currently, there is a $50 bonus money offer per airline ticket and a $20/night (max value $100) offer for hotels. The hotel bonus money requires that you use an Amex card.
Leaving June 14
Coming back July 2

Can't wait!!

Disneyland 6/87, 7/88, 12/90
Disneyland Hotel 6/92
WDW All Star Music 12/99
WDW Offsite 6/01 <FONT COLOR=RED> YES!! It's official!!

So you'll know for the future, it's best not to bid on Priceline for any route in which Southwest competes, for travel dates past when Southwest is currently selling travel because Southwest frequently runs $99 each way fare sales that are matched by all the airlines. Southwest is currently selling travel through June 8th.

You got a good deal through Priceline, but it's possible you could have gotten a similar or lower fare directly from the airlines and been able to choose your travel times and earned frequent flyer miles if you waited until after Southwest began selling your travel dates.
Priceline can get you great deals but after my last experience I will never use them for airline tickets again.

We were planning to travel in Oct. 2000. i placed my bid and got a great deal on tickets from Phil. to Orlando $150. While there was one big catch... we had to travel from Phil. to St. Louis ( 3 hour layover) then on to orlando. An approximate 10 hour trip with 4 children. I realize you agree to have one stop if you mark that I just never expected it to be that far out of the way. So, i urge everyone to always use caution.

We are trying them for our next trip for car rentals. hopefully the experience will be positive and the price is very very reasonable.


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