New nebulizer perfect for Disney


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Jul 29, 2000
I know I've had this discussion here before & was browsing through Leaps & Bounds catalog when I saw a portable battery operated nebulizer. I may be in the dark but I've never seen this before. It says some insurance companies reimburse for it as well. It runs on 4 "AA batteries but also has an AC adapter. It weighs only 8 oz.!! They also boast that it is very quiet. The prospect of travelling the parks without having to go back to the room for treatments is fabulous. It would come in handy in numerous other situations as well. The only bad part is the price...$349.95 which isn't *horrible* but the prospect of the insurance company covering some of it helps too. Anyway, I just thought I would pass this on to other nebulizer using moms out there =) They have a website too which is I don't know if the nebulizer is offered online though...haven't looked. :p

You can also leave your nebulizer at First Aid, they are willing to hold meds and equipment for park guests.
I'm glad you found your way over here to post. Someone had mentioned a portable, battery operated nebulizer, but didn't have a link. I bet this is the one.

This nebulizer worked great for my then three-year-old! We lived in west Texas at the time and had to drive about 90 miles to go shoe shopping, etc. We could do treatments in the car coming and going and not interupt precious shopping time.
The $350 is about the average price. Our insurance paid 90% then, but who knows now. You can purchase this same nebulizer from some of the larger drug stores.
It is extremely quiet!
A few warnings: you have to replace batteries every 80 uses or less, it is slower than a regular nebulizer, it has to have cleaning solution (vinegar) run through after every use, and most important - it uses a ceramic 'filter' that can shatter if mishandled, costs $20-30 and can be difficult to find. Also, certain medications are not formulated to work with it. Despite all this, I highly recommend it!
Welcome, Icsmom and thanks for the information. People always appreciate hearing the pluses and minuses.
Pari offers another source of well-regarded compressors and an innovative nebulizer system with lots of options for masks and neb cups.

They have the duraneb Compressor, the Duraneb portable 3000 and the Walkhaler, all of which have internal rechargeable batteries.

You can read about them at
One good source for purchase is (Their website is a little clunky, but their prices are about the best.) You can see a comparison of the various products (except the walkhaler) right here:

Ditto that First Aid is absolutely fantastic when doing the World with a child with asthma


Thanks for the information about leaving the nebulizer at First Aid. My familily is leaving for WDW in 16 days and had decided to either leave the nebulizer in the room (if DS is having a good day) or renting a locker for the nebulizer. However, if we could not find a good place to give our DS a treatment while we were at the parks, we did intend on asking the people at First Aid if we could give him his treatment there. :p
I can tell you the people in First Aid are very nice and helpful. We have stopped at First Aid in Epcot so DD could use the companion restroom. The people there were very helpful and welcomed us when we came to use it later in our trip.
We also spend a few hours in First Aid at MK when DD had a seizure and needed a rest. I saw several people come in to use the little cubicles with cots. Everyone there was nice too.
I just got one to! It cost me 225. my insurance will pay...but I am leaving on Wed...needed it I paid then have to get reimbursed....but it is nice! sounds like the is


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