New From the UK...What ADR's For January!!

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reservations' started by dean308, Oct 11, 2009.

  1. dean308

    dean308 Earning My Ears

    Oct 8, 2009
    Hey everyone,

    I'm so excited for 2 reasons :)

    Number 1! I've just booked 2 weeks at BC (may change to YC) for January 2010 for my girlfriend Rosie who has just turned 21 :lovestruc

    Number 2! I've found these forums for the first time! And having been to Disney five times as a youngster I have many experiences to share and hopefully advise any fellow holiday makers if they want a 24 year old's opinion.

    It also gives me an excuse to ask a few questions if anyone out there can help I would be extremely grateful (sorry if some have already been answered many times before, but there are just so many threads here :laughing:).

    Enough of the background, maybe move to the relevance of the title now Dean...

    I have eaten at so many lovely restaurants with my parents on previous visits and this is going to be Rosie's first trip, so want to make it as special as possible by booking some lovely breakfasts, lunch & dinners.

    Undecided on dining plans...are all the dining plans the same for visitors from USA, UK and worldwide?! It's just that after 4 phone calls to Disney reservations I have got a different story on Deluxe DP everytime. I understand for 14 nights we would get 42 TS (or CS if we prefer) credits each and 28 snacks.

    For Lunch & Dinner a TS includes an entree and desert each, but does any Dining Plan include appetiser? I have heard so many different examples etc...

    Can't wait to try Kouzzina as I loved Spoodles before :)
    Hoping to try Akershus for breakfast having never tried any other Buffet other than Cape May breakfast.

    Also, looking for general advice on other must do buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner and when is best?! For example, is Akershus best at breakfast and Tusker House best for a lunch or dinner?

    Will also need a bit of travel advice having always used my rent-a-cars before with family, we feel the 2 of us will hardly ever venture out of Disney and therefore will rely on the Disney transport. The BC or YC location is perfect for us as I feel Rosie will love Epcot and Hollywood Studios :goodvibes

    Looking forward to feedback if anyone is willing to point me in the right directions.

    Many thanks for listening and happy holidays to all those who are out there now :) can't wait til 3rd Jan 2010!!
  2. Pirate's Princess

    Pirate's Princess Sam

    Sep 28, 2007
    Hello and welcome to the dis. It is a truly awesome resource. Secondly I am almost positive that the deluxe is the only plan that includes an appetizer. As for buffets they are great for variety but for the most bang for your buck and for romance I'd say go for more sit down restaurants. We have gone down to Disney twice in January and will be down again this January. It is a great time to go. I'd recommend avoiding epcot on the 9th and 10th in the morning because of the half and full marathon.

    As for dining here are my recommendations:

    kona cafe
    le cellier
    coral reef
    50's prime time cafe. It's fun
    wolfgang puck. Either express or cafe

    and here is a list of restaurants I'm dying to try
    the wave
    flying fish
    California grill

    I'd definitely recommend eatig at some of the 2 ts credit restaurants because you get a lot of food and between a big breakfast or lunch and a snack for the other meal then the deluxe meal tha is plenty of food. We have never gone hungry while using the meal plan and it is worth trying some of the other higher end places. I'm see you'll have a greattime and eat lots of food.
  3. dean308

    dean308 Earning My Ears

    Oct 8, 2009
    Thanks for the great reply Princess!

    Will probably stick to TS rather than buffets, although Rosie hasn't been before and will probably enjoy a couple of character breakfasts because she is a big kid.

    It's so fun how you've recommended 6 places to eat where I have never tried. But the ones you are interested in trying yourself I have been to 3 on previous visits.

    My favourite all time Disney TS is Jiko's because of a great server and a fantastic BBQ chicken flatbread and some awesome ribs!!

    Flying Fish with my parents again was great, although I wasn't into fish as much back then as I am it's another must do for me!

    And Cali Grill was super special but a little busy with kids at early times of evening, but I love the atmosphere little ones create anyway, so it's down to personal preference.

    Wanting to try Ohana's myself if I can do my ADR's in time, and loving the thought of the Wave, Coral Reef and 50's prime time.

    Hope to hear from you again before or after your trip.

    Have an amazing time

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