New Disney Catalog!!

Tooth Fairy

DIS Veteran
Jan 28, 2001
Just got the new catalog- Winter Sale one with Pooh and Friends in snow on the front. Any way to get a discount and/or free shipping?? Thanks!!

minnie mouse

Nov 4, 1999
I just received mine too. And I used my Disney Club card to get an addition 10% off the order. But I did not receive free shipping because I did not know the code to use. I know the catologs that you can pick up in the Disney Sores always seem to have the free shipping codeon the back.
So if you can get to the Disney Store to pick one up to get the code you will be able to get the free shipping.

I wanted to place my order today before they sold out on the items I wanted. As it was they were sold out of two of the snow globes that were on sale.