new blog: What Is Your Favorite Walt Disney World Attraction?

Discussion in 'The DIS Unplugged Podcast' started by WebmasterLeah, May 18, 2012.

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    Great blog!

    I've been tempted to put a list of my favorite attractions in my signature but I still have a problem picking just one.

    I think my *new* favorite attraction is probably Tower of Terror. I could ride that forever probably and not get tired of it especially with the added variety of drop sequences it's just an extremely fun ride!

    When I was a kid my favorite attractions were Horizons(no longer exists) and Pirates of the Caribbean. Pirates is still one of my favorites for that reason alone. I miss the talking animatronic Parrot outside the attraction though. I actually rather liked the addition of Jack Sparrow and Barbosa when I last visited it was very well done but then it also helps I love those characters and the movies.

    I also got to ride Splash Mountain for the first time my last trip and even though I hadn't ridden it as a kid it brought back that childhood feeling in me. The story is actually a very famous fable I remember was one of my favorites as a kid and with the final song being 'Zip a de do da' which was one of my favorite songs growing up with Disney(we had disney sing-a-long video with that on it).

    That's just a few I felt like sharing there are a ton more!
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    It all depends on which day you ask me! :upsidedow
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    Whether I'm in Disneyland or Magic Kingdom, I always have to ride Pirates of the Caribbean at least once and talk like a pirate while walking through the gift shop!pirate:
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    Haunted Mansion!!!!

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